We’re Growing! Now let’s get real, Part 3

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Part 1: Morning Sickness

Part 2: Cravings & Aversions

So here’s the thing – the ugly honest truth – not being able to eat might not be the worst thing right now, since there’s a 50/50 chance that you won’t be going to the bathroom successfully anyways…

Digestion and…constipation

This was probably the first symptom I had, before I even realized I was pregnant. No test yet, no realization that my period was late, no sickness – just awful, terrible heartburn nonstop that refused to be treated by any method known to man.

Second was the opposite end. It’s not a pretty subject, but I figure I might as well do away with embarrassment and being self-conscious since all my boys and pieces will be poked and prodded endlessly through this pregnancy and delivery. Everything you manage to eat will collect in your gut for days and refuse to digest or pass.

Like, days…

And guess what? A lot of these OTC meds you may have on hand already aren’t recommended for pregnant ladies. So what does the internet offer? “Drink lots of fluids.” Check! I’m constantly thirsty even when not pregnant, but it’s gotten even more extreme. So I increased it even more, and quite possibly came the closest in history to drowning myself internally with the high amounts of urine my body was creating only around every 10 minutes. Still no changes in the bowel department.

“Try a natural solution, like prunes.” Sweet baby Jesus, prunes… I’d almost rather stay constipated than have to force feed myself another one of those things! And it only slightly helped get my guts rolling again.


We’re Growing! Now let’s get real, Part 2

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Part 1: Morning Sickness

Let’s keep right on track with a similar subject to Part 1 – the biggest changes I’ve noted so far are my eating habits.  Obviously, when you’re trying not to vomit for the better part of your day, eating becomes a task all in itself.  So, how does that work when your gut says no, but your brain says “pickles and milk”?

Cravings and Aversions.


Now first, let me clarify that I quickly learned that cravings aren’t always the Hollywood depiction of overflowing bowls of ice cream stuffed with pickles or peppers or some other gross combination every night at 3am.  So far, at 12 weeks, my cravings have been more of a minor obsession on some random food item that completely overtook all my thoughts until I ate it but they were all very normal food items.  First it was Wendy’s chili.  Hamburgers (sans veggies, because apparently this baby doesn’t want me eating lettuce for a while), homemade or from a restaurant.  Grapes, grapes, grapes all day every day.  Anything ground beef, but never ever shredded beef or slabs of solid beef.  Ever.  And all those favorites I trusted in pre-pregnancy – chocolate, coffee, big huge salads with spicy dressing – those are all a no go according to Baby now.  I was an avid coffee lover, 2-3 cups per day.  Now, the smell alone is comparable to old urine and enough to turn my stomach.

Sometimes, your cravings and aversions will even play tricks on you.  You’re out in public and a stranger passing by mentions nachos.  From that moment on, all you can think about are those huge nacho platters from Buffalo Wild Wings or an authentic Mexican restaurant.  It literally lingers behind every other thought you have until you have said platter right in front of you.  Here’s where it can get tricky:

  • Sometimes, you dive in a devour every last bit.  Is it successful?  Or within 5 minutes of finishing, do you realize that you overdid yourself and spend the next 4 hours just trying to breath around the mass amounts of nachos floating around in your guts?
  • Sometimes, you get 3 bites in to these nachos you so desperately needed only to find that this wasn’t actually what you wanted.  You might satiate your hungry anyways, but still feel this nagging in the back of your stomach for something that will truly quench that craving.  Or you might re-activate your gag reflex by trying to eat the nachos that you no longer have to have.  Now, you can add those nachos you loved so much at one point in time to the growing list of foods that Baby does not approve of.

Oh, and regardless of how the eating of the nachos goes, whether you finish, eat half, or only get a few bites down – enjoy the next 4 days of constant heartburn that even Jesus can’t get rid of.

We’re growing! Now let’s get real, Part 1.

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The miracle of life!

The wonders of procreation!

The trauma of labor…

Everyone talks about pregnancy. What to do, what not to do, what you can or can not eat or think or look at or talk about or stand near or have within a 25 mile radius. Everyone talks about the joys of parenthood and the love for your child and the glow of expectant moms.

Nobody talks real talk, though. Nobody talks about all those weird, gross, awful days leading up to having your baby in your arms. Nobody preps – and I mean truly preps- other females who have never experienced pregnancy before. So I will.

I am first time (and likely only time) pregnant, hitting in at 10 weeks right now. I have had so many experiences already that I had never heard of before. And while going through them I would mention them to another female, who would then respond with “oh yeah, that happens” or “just wait, that’ll get worse.” How did nobody say these things before?! Why did nobody share?! I’ve decided I will begin a log of all the WTF moments I have through the course of my pregnancy, not only so I can show my kid later in life when they wanna act like mom is being too harsh, but also to give fair warning to other ladies out there.

First, let’s start with an obvious one.

Morning sickness. However, did you know that morning sickness is not just in the morning? It can last all day. Or hit at random times, such as right in the middle of lunch. And it isn’t an “I think I need to vomit, head to the bathroom, get it all out, and go about your business” for some.

Oh no, no.

For others (lucky me), it’s more of an “I think I need to vomit, run to the bathroom – nope, that ones taken, run to the next bathroom, pray nobody else is there or standing close enough to overhear, pace the floor, hover near the toilet, dab your brow, try to self talk your stomach into cooperating, decide it’s safe to leave, return to your desk, try to resume working, shut office door, begin removing layers of clothing to reduce overheating while still dabbing brow/neck/maybe even armpits, sit miserably at your desk dry heaving with no results for 3 hours, suddenly feel its life or death if you don’t eat pizza, start eating pizza, think this was the solution only to get halfway through pizza slice and start heaving again, not be able to finish pizza, dry heave for 3 more hours while still hungry.” And so on until you manage to fall asleep.

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