The Curse of The Worst Yet Person

In Personal, Random on October 2, 2012 at 4:49 pm

Why do some people never grow up? I don’t mean in the sense of the Peter Pan syndrome. I understand that. I, myself, still enjoy childish things like watching cartoons. I enjoy not acting my age, like dressing up in ridiculousj outfits for a laugh with friends. I know I’m adult, but there’s nothing wrong with being playful.

My issue is with the people who aren’t doing things for fun. My issue is with the people who are just flat-out immature. The people who apparently never make it out of the stage of development in which they believe they are the center of everyone’s universe. Worse than that: the people who bold face lie for no good reason. Worse still: the conniving, manipulating people who lie on others to make themselves look better. Worser and worser! The people who throw themselves a pity party when they get caught or called out so that people forget how immature they were acting. And possibly the worst yet – the ones who do all of the above.

I know one of those – the “worst yet” people. Everyone has their own worst yet person, or “WYP.” And the solutions is to just avoid it, right? Well, I can’t get away from my WYP since we unfortunately share several different social circles. My WYP is not my nemesis. Granted, that has got to be the closest feeling to despising a person that could ever exist, but I was raised not to hate. To be a true nemesis, there is a mutual dislike and back and forth of actions that keep the feud going. In this case, my WYP flips between the polar opposites of hating me and adoring me and making whatever mood we land on today known to EVERYONE nearby.

I’ve dealt with drama inside both my social circles that my WYP is also involved in. For a while I battled untrue tales or twisted truths spread about myself. I battled insecurities put in my mind by my WYP about other people in my life. And my question through the entire ordeal was “what the hell is wrong with you?!” That, and also “when did I go back to junior high?”

To anyone who read my last post about my baggage, you will understand that I have a suitcase full of my own insecurities that I’m learning to overcome, so insecurities from another person can be a major setback. And it was. But I pulled through by taking a step back and looking at my friends and family that were having my back. So have I fought back? Have I joined in on my WYP’s poo flinging or reputation smearing?

Simple answer: no. I’m not righteous about this. I’m not going to say that I haven’t thought about it. I would be the liar if I said I hadn’t played out scenarios in my head of ruining my WYP the way I was attempting to be ruined. But again, I wasn’t raised that way. My luck, my whole devious plan would backfire anyways. Maybe not immediately, but I’m a firm believer in karma.

So I have dealt with the whole ordeal in the same manner I am dealing with today’s revelation that I am once again I my WYP’s naughty list and the target of more slander: I am going on with my life. I am not letting it ruin my life, day, or mood. That’s all too dramatic for me. I have said to my WYP in the past, and reiterate in text now that I give thanks. I thank my WYP for allowing me to be grateful that I am not a bitter, miserable person who only feels better about myself by bringing others down. I thank my WYP for helping me to realize through all the stress and confusion that I am much stronger than I thought I was and that my suitcase of insecurities might actually only be a duffel bag. I thank my WYP for being a beacon to the people in my life now that truly have my back. And I also thank my WYP in advance for the entertainment I will enjoy when karma comes back around and knocks them on their ass for the way they’ve treated numerous other people.

And I’m sorry for those that may find that offensive, but I’m not sorry for feeling that way.


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