Half an Idea / Kinda Pointless Post :)

In Funny, Random on October 3, 2012 at 12:24 pm

Taking inspiration from someone I work with, who keeps a note saved in her phone of funny comments made by her coworkers, friends, and family to read back through later for a good laugh, and Preschool Gems, who has an insanely popular Twitter account and either already has or will soon have a published book of all the funny and random quotes of children in her school classroom, I have decided to also keep track of funny blurbs from my friends, my family, and myself.

In addition to this, I also have a growing collection of messages between my friends and I depicting our strange conversations in text, including an 80’s/90’s daily lyric-off between myself and a friend with a comparable music obsession. I’ve already got a small list and I’m still trying to decide what I will actually do with them once I’ve got a considerable amount. One thing I do know is that I’ve picked up on a trend. I never noticed it before, until I started keeping track of dumb, funny, and weird statements, but my friends have a real issue with blurting out insanely inappropriate things. Let’s just say that if I put these little quotes on Twitter, ‘poop’ might be trending.

Yeah, that’s how my friends roll. And yeah, I enjoy hanging out with these folks. I’m just not sure the material they are giving me so far will work very well to entertain others. Weird sense of humor, we’ve got…

Anyway – should any readers have Twitter, look me up (@imthatkay). Definitely look up Preschool Gems (@PreschoolGems) if you aren’t following her already. And please, give me ideas for what to do with my quotes. Give me feedback on my posts, start a conversation, whatever you feel like doing. So far, I’m thinking this blog thing is going fair and I like it!


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