Dinner with the Dead

In Opinion, Opinion/Personal, Random on October 8, 2012 at 7:54 pm

Everyone has heard discussions or references to the old dinner question:  “If you could have dinner with any person in the world, alive or dead, who would it be and why?”  My answer doesn’t take much thought for me.  Hands down, without a doubt, no question about it: Marilyn Monroe.  I know, I know, it sounds so cliché.  However, I feel that my reasoning is anything but.

Lots of girls like her because she was a star.  A real star.  She was glamorous and beautiful.  She was lusted after by millions, she worked alongside the biggest names in her time, she WAS one of the biggest names of her time.  She spent her time with very high status people, cough – the Kennedy’s – cough.  She got to be on the big screen, paid to play all day.  She rubbed elbows with dreamy people in dreamy gowns attending dreamy functions in dreamy cities.  And even though her trademark pose was to match, her expression looking dreamy with a half-smile and mostly closed eyelids, her inside was entirely the opposite of that image of glamour and beauty and serene happiness.

And that is why I would choose Marilyn Monroe.  Everyone that knows me at all knows I have a slight obsession, but it goes beyond the superficial.  I admire her for her beauty and her success, yes.  But I also admire her for her weaknesses and her less glamorous parts.  I admire her utter love for literature.  I admire her desire to continually learn and be taught.  I admire her strength for putting on such a good face with all the inner turmoil she dealt with daily.  Aside from being relatable problems and feelings of being a female, those parts of Marilyn Monroe tug at the heart of the social worker in me, as well.  She wanted so badly to be loved and accepted, and she was, she just wasn’t able to see it through all the haze of her depression.

Who knows what would have happened should she not have died so young and tragically.  Would she still have been an icon? I think so.  She may not have been idolized, since tragedy and death increase interest in our morbid world, but everyone would still know Marilyn Monroe.  She’s currently still adored by millions, even with her secrets (factual and otherwise) exposed in book after book, and that’s really all she dreamed of.  This is evident to anyone who has read Fragments, which is the book composed of Marilyn’s own personal writings, poetry, and journals.  All she wanted was to be loved, and I’m sure she never dreamed in all her dreamiest dreams that it was possible for the lonely little girl to accomplish that.  And that’s why I would have dinner with her – to let her know that she was and still is.

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