What’s In A Name? Lets Find Out.

In Personal, Random on October 11, 2012 at 1:47 pm

What would my movie star name be? Unusual, but not crazy. I would say somewhere between Petal Blossom and Jermajesty. The same goes for my future children. I love unusual names and want to find something for my kids that isn’t expected.

To get off on a quick little tangent, I read something online that stated finding an unusual name for your baby is pretentious and essentially sets the child up for failure. This writing went on to say that an unusual or uncommon name will make the child think that they themselves are unusual or uncommon when they really aren’t or will make them feel like they need to be extra special when they won’t be able to achieve it. Well, I just think that’s hogwash. Isn’t everyone uncommon, unique in some form or fashion? Unless you are an identical twin, nobody else is even close to being who you are.
Anyways, back on track. Let me wrangle my brain back in…

So I come across the celebrity baby name generator on generatorland.com. You don’t put any info in, you just click the button and it throws 2 random words together. I hit it 5 times and got these: Happy Hazel, Wren Jane, Garas Mary, Peanut Simon, and Boldo Carl.

Because you can’t specify gender, it gives you anything. And because I’m picky and a little OCD – and Peanut and Boldo are obviously dudes – I tried 2 more times and got Bracken Iola and Coffee Hayden.

I am undoubtedly enjoying this silly little generator much more than I should, but the idea of creating an identity is so intriguing to me. These celebrities just decide one day to change their names and recreate themselves. My question is: why is this only acceptable for celebrities? The only time I’ve known of a fellow “commoner” to go through a name change, it’s a female and directly correlated with the beginning or end of a marriage.

I have decided I will give myself a new name. I will create my own celebrity name, only without the whole celebrity bit. I don’t wish to recreate myself – I’m still getting used to who I already am and just getting comfortable with that! Instead, I will create an alter-ego, a person that has qualities that the real me lacks. These qualities, such as pure spontaneity, would make me too nervous in everyday life. In certain situations, though, I think I could benefit and have a lot of fun by taking just a second to say “what if?” What if I wasn’t scared? What if I wasn’t nervous? What if I wasn’t embarrassed? What if I just went for it? I think this will be a good exercise for myself.

Now, this alter-ego name needs to be confident. It needs to evoke a strong yet fun image. Be daring and soft at the same time while having a pleasing quality when rolling off the tongue. This is going to take some thought, but from now on, instead of second guessing myself when an opportunity arises, I’ll simply think: What would “Alter-Ego So-and-So” do? The thought of adopting this habit and starting this little experiment on myself makes me quite nervous – to force myself to throw away my paranoia and inhibitions, AHHHH! – but I also have a sneaking suspicion that I will thank myself for it later.

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