By Golly, I’ve Got It!

In Random on November 5, 2012 at 10:54 pm

Hello, dears.  My blog went from being a toddler in my last post to a middle-aged sagging rich lady needing some changes, so I did what I saw necessary and gave her a nice facelift.  New theme, new colors, new layout, and FINALLY new pages.  It wasn’t easy and I was tempted on several occasions to fling my laptop into my fireplace, but I held out and managed to pull it off.  Granted, I will probably tire of this within a few months and want to do another complete overhaul, but this one will do just fine for now.  See, I had to do a complete change-up for my blog to continue working towards my vision, which is to post up more of my creative writings as I come across them and have them at easy access so they aren’t shoved in corners and overshadowed by my random posts.  I also took the advice I was given and decided to incorporate my funny pictures and conversation tidbits between my friends and myself into this blog to make it easier both on myself and on other people who are looking around.  These little nuggets will be very short and simple.  Some will be accompanied by explanations and some will be better (and by that I mean stranger and weirder) without any explanation.  Left to one’s own interpretation, some of these could be quite entertaining – but I’ll leave that up to any reader to decide.  These will also get their own tab at the top of the page once I begin posting them.  I would also like to take the time to apologise in advance, as I intend to post the random, dumb, and weird statements as they occur and will not be editing them whatsoever.  I wouldn’t want to take away from the pure lack of class, and I hope not to offend anyone.  So, a warning: if you’re easily offended by language, bodily functions, body parts, and anything generally unladylike or inappropriate to discuss over dinner, you may with to skip these posts…

  1. Sounds like a plan, Peter Pan!

    But if I were you, I’d change the text in the “No Responses”-button to “Leave a comment”, cause I was looking where to leave a comment!


    • I think it goes without saying that I still have a lot of tweaking to do 🙂
      I will get right on that and appreciate you ping me the heads up, good sir. Maybe next time I decide to go and change everything, I won’t do it so late so I can make sure it’s all proper!



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