How Do You Vote?

In Opinion, Opinion/Personal on November 6, 2012 at 7:03 pm

Ok, I don’t mean literally how does a person physically walk into a location and vote.  What I mean is: what influences your vote?  For me, there are different factors, as I suspect there are with most people.  I don’t vote for a candidate based on their party.  I think it’s important to look at their past.  Do I agree with decisions they’ve made in their political careers prior to being in the possibly presidential spotlight?  I think that’s even more important than the statements they make once they are in the spotlight because then it all boils down to wanting votes.  Any and every candidate will say what they think they need to say to get the votes of their party, whether they actually believe that or actually intend to follow through on it if they do win.

I also am very aware of what my main concerns are during the time of an election, so I obviously tend to focus on the candidates’ views on those same issues.  I imagine that most educated, responsible people exercising their right to vote have a similar practice to determine how they feel about candidates.  I tend to avoid political conversations, but I am honest when I find myself in the middle of one.  I state my point of view, give at least one reason why this is my point of view, don’t make assumptions based on non-facts, and keep it cordial no matter what my opinion is on the issue or the candidate.  Because I am aware of how to present myself as knowledgable, educated, and responsible.  Never fear – there is always at least one person to remind you that not everyone is in tune with this presumable quality of common sense.  For example, a random person retweeting another person that ended up on my Twitter feed regarding the election.  The first Tweet stated: “Hi @MittRomney just another reminder you look like a cabbage and you’re not going to win…” and the second was: “Hi @MittRomney don’t forget to #voteobama you twat.”

I immediately felt the blood rush to my face.  I was angry and frustrated and dumbfounded and speechless.  Was I upset that someone was against Romney? No.  Honestly, I am disappointed in both candidates this election.  I didn’t feel secure from any of their answers to any questions.  The debates were more like watching toddlers fight for attention, only in ties and rocking the egg on their faces instead of on bibs.  My opinion is that had they spent half as much time focusing on generating answers to questions or possible remedies to problems as they did to deface the other, name call, and exaggerate the truth, I may have been able to come away from both campaigns and all debates with a clarified perspective of what the hell is going to happen to our country.  So, no, I was not upset because these Twitter people were Obama supporters.  I was also not upset that these people were using a social media platform to express their views.  That’s the best way to get your point out into the world these days.  Celebrities do it.  Obviously, even the candidates do it.  My problem with these people is the way they chose to show their support.

Here’s how I decided this thought process went for this individual that originally Tweeted this: “LGBT rights?  I don’t even know what those letters mean…Recession?  I still live with my parents…The war? Wasn’t that, like, 10 years ago? I don’t even remember it…Ya know what? This dude looks like food.  I don’t like it.  No, no – forget about abortion.  Romney looks like a vegetable.  That’s plenty enough reason to call him a vagina in nasty, immature slang.”  Now, keep in mind that this was just my imagination running away with me, but I feel confident that for a person to purposefully present themselves to the world in a manner such as this, there’s got to be some questionable brain patterns going on here.  His only selling point is that he appropriately used “you’re.”  This is my generation?  I’ll take dodgy non-answers, back tracking, and flip-flopping any day over putting any kind of future in the hands of a person that finds it acceptable to address a public figure such as this.

Anyways, long story short: I voted today.  And the fact that this individual may have scares the shit out of me.


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