Mental Games of a Shopping Trip

In Personal, Random on November 7, 2012 at 6:01 pm

I had a moment of weakness over the weekend.  I tagged along with a couple friends while they shopped for a birthday gift for a family member.  It didn’t take long before I started thinking of things I ‘needed,’ such as a pair of flat brown boots.  I looked in a handful of stores, but I’m quite picky and cheap, so the camel colored fake leather boots ringing up at around $55 was beyond where I draw the line.  I did, however, end up with a new dress from Old Navy (super cute, super comfy, and came with a belt) for only $25. And then there were the heels.  Too tall, too skinny, too glittery, and too perfect to pass up.  Plus, they were on sale, 70% off, and came to $21.  My excuse: I needed them for the holidays in case I had parties to attend for Christmas and/or New Year.  Not too shabby of a shopping trip for me.

Then I returned home and opened up my laptop.  I had Forever 21‘s web page still pulled up.  Their online jewelry prices are insanely cheap, as are a lot of their sale clothing items that I have never even seen in the store.  Also, the Forever 21 here is still brand new, so the line is never less than 20 people long and I don’t have the patience to wait in that, so online shopping wins.  I scrolled through my ridiculously long wish list and ultimately decided that I needed to physically go into the store and try on some of their pants, shorts, and skirts to make sure I knew the proper size before ordering anything at all from them online – that way I could just order it all at once.

But as I’m closing the browser window, I remember…I didn’t find brown boots.  And then I recall my old friend Amazon.  I have the Amazon credit card that builds up points for every purchase made through Amazon, which you can then apply to future purchases.  That’s like a constant sale!  I hunted around and finally found a gorgeous pair of boots: flats with a cuff at the top that can be unfolded to make them over-the-knee boots.  They are perfect for skirts, dresses, leggings, skinny jeans, whatever!  And I also find two cardigans, two cute sweaters, two fitted slips, and an adorable dress.

But I needed these things, for work and for winter since I’ve…outgrown, we’ll say, most of my cold weather clothing from previous years.  And I had paid off the whole Amazon card so there was a zero balance.  And I heard that its better to keep a credit card active with small purchases that are paid off quickly instead if paying it off and forgetting about it.  And they were all on sale, so each item was actually pretty cheap on its own. And I will continue to make excuses until the packages arrive and I wear the clothes because at that point, I will no longer care that I spent the money.  I will be too happy basking in the glorious glow of a new outfit and a bargain deal to even care that I have no room in my closet for more items, or that I spent money, or that the money I spent was minimal because I am surely turning into the frugal grandmother who only shops in clearance or with coupons.  Call me Granny all you want to, world, but I’ll be looking fancy in my new stuff and feeling fancier knowing it was cheap!


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