Bleeding Hearts

In Personal, Poetry, Writing on November 8, 2012 at 8:45 pm

I came across another old writing – another poem, at that.  It seems I went through a very dark, emo time in my early young adulthood… Anyways, here it is in all it’s gloomy glory.

A bleeding heart
This bleeding heart
My bleeding heart
A hopeless romantic
           flighty and bursting
          a gentle butterfly carried by the wind
This hopeless romantic
          biting the bitter and spitting the sweet
          thoughts and words now oppose
A bleeding heart
          pour it out
          paint the canvas with your poetic sadness
This bleeding heart
          beats merely by design
          and bled out long ago
A weary soul
          exhausted and waiting
          a damsel that still let’s her hair down
This weary soul
          too tainted for a sliver of optimism to seep in
          tired, tired, tired
A bleeding heart
          pour it out
This bleeding heart
          paint the canvas with poetic sadness
My bleeding heart
          pumps only by design now
          and bled out long ago
Copyright © 2012
  1. Just to say I really like your poems! 😉


    • Thanks so much! I kind of feel like a little kid jumping into the deep end and hoping there’s not a shark when I post up my stuff like that. I’m so overly critical of myself that I almost expect it from others, but I’ve gotten such nice things from everyone on here. It means a lot!


      • Your very welcome! People tend to be more sincere when their name is associated with their blog, only the odd anonymous sharks slip through the net, but as a fellow writer and poet don’t let anyone deter you, we give ourselves enough crap as it is! 😉



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