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Obviously, I have a fascination with words – combinations, strings, the flow of them, the emotions they can evoke when placed in just the right way.  I think the emotion of it all is why I enjoy anything artistic.

Art, in any form, is breathtaking to me.  I attended an art fair at a local park downtown with booth after booth of local artists selling their wares.  There was abstract art, still life, conceptual pieces, some pieces that were so realistic that I almost swore it was a photograph.  There were sculptures and ceramics.  It was amazing, probably more amazing to me because I have absolutely no skill in anything of that sort.  My brain does not have the capacity to be that creative.  But the emotion of every painting and sculpture was evident to me, no matter whether it was an ethereal painted scene or a dark and dramatic photographed lady or a twisted and garbled wooden creation, that emotion was there.

Dance amazes me.  I used to dance.  I was on a “dance team” in high school, which mostly did jazz style.  In college I took ballroom, which not only fed into my love of music and dance, but also my love of all things vintage.  Most of the dances we focused on were either centuries old, to get an understanding of where our current dance trends originated from, or the popular dances from decades past, such as disco.  Swing was definitely my favorite.  The Latin dances were damn near impossible for me.  Sorry, Shakira, but MY hips DO lie…

Speaking of music, that is probably my favorite of all art forms.  Anyone that can play an instrument simply dazzles me.  A perfect example:  Melanie Martinez from The Voice.  That girl is barely over have my age, I think, and on her first appearance on the show she sings a crazy good rendition of Toxic by Britney Spears while playing the guitar and playing a tambourine WITH HER FEET.  Are you kidding me?!  Please, for the sake of all these musical, if you have not seen or heard this performance, FIND IT.  Plus, the girl is absolutely adorable.

I attempted to learn how to play a keyboard once when I was younger.  I had no idea what I was doing, so I basically just memorized the keys to five different songs.  Four were classical pieces, 2 of which I can’t even remember the names of now, and one was “Breathe” by Faith Hill.  I couldn’t complain, I had limited resources.  But that was over a decade ago, and when I lost access to a keyboard (because I was too broke to buy my own) I forgot everything I had memorized quite quickly.  I still get upset about that…

I also attempted to learn how to play guitar.  I learned a piece of one song, “Swing, Swing” by the All American Rejects, which – in case you haven’t heard the song or haven’t paid attention – has the absolute easiest guitar in the world.  It’s basically 3 chords just repeated through the entire song.  I still got confused most of the time and my fingers did not stretch or bend in the appropriate ways to reach all the strings.  Also, it hurt.  I had no patience to build up callouses so that my finger tips didn’t feel like they were on fire.  Playing an instrument just wasn’t in the cards for me.  Unless you count the guitar or drums on Rock Band or Guitar Hero, because I can slay those things…as long as they aren’t on “hard.”

I have accepted that I am good with stringing words together when I have a proper idea and the right amount of focus, and this is probably why I have such an insane appreciation for songs.  Don’t get me wrong, my love of music is partially because I love the sound of instruments.  A complicated guitar riff, a hard-hitting drum beat, or violins in ANYTHING and I melt.  But it’s the lyrics that I really connect with.  The words and the emotion they bring out in me, even if it’s just a simple sentence, the way the artist phrases it or the little twists and turns they can take with it.  I get chills on a regular basis by just paying attention to these little things, which is strange because I am generally hard to impress that much with any other thing.  Because of the way I am effected by music so much, I am constantly on a search for more.  More songs that I connect with in that way.  New music that is something different, something original, something that I can appreciate for the work that was put into it or the creativity that was required to create it or the boldness to do it at all if it is different enough from what’s being played on the radio.

I have decided to begin a list of the lyrics that just grab me or artists or songs that I find that I just can’t get out of my head and share them, in case there is someone else out their that finds my blog and feels the same way.  So in addition to my Confessions series that I will be continuing (These Are My Confessions, Part 1 and Part 2) and my nuggets of cleverness series(Quotes and Pictures/Images), I think I will also plan to start a series of artistic recommendations.    I know this is a lot of different things going on for just one blog, but I feel like my blog is finally starting to really represent who I am because this is literally how my brain is every day – constant hodge-podge of random ideas and thought ranging across the entire spectrum of interests all thrown in together and mingling with each other.  So welcome to the randomness of my mind and my attempt to sort it out.  Grab a chair.  Take off your shoes.  This could take a while.

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