Is This Really Good For My Soul (Sole)?

In Funny, Personal, Random on November 13, 2012 at 7:54 pm

Somebody gets this, right?
Click this to see the video of Kelly – Shoes

Shoes.  Oh my god, shoes.

Guys think this is the only thing in a girl’s head.  Like us girls wake up to breath, eat, and sleep shopping for, talking about, or trying on shoes.  Well, let me just enlighten you a little bit on that one….

It’s kind of true.

So I have an obsession with heels.  I am about average height flat footed, but I have a weakness for being magnetically drawn to 4+ inch heels.  You know, the kind that once you’re in them you’re afraid to look down.  The kind that feel like you’re standing on the edge of a cliff all day long.  I wore a pair of my new heels to work a few days ago.  I patted myself on the back for being brave enough to wear heels as tall as these were, knowing I would be up and about on and off for 8 hours or so.  They weren’t terribly uncomfortable, but the heels were slender so walking outside with the cracks and crumbles in the sidewalks and parking lots was a risk to my life and my intact ankles.

While I trotted around all day in these contraptions (until I took them off under my desk) I tried to think of why girls enjoyed shoes, specifically heels, so much.  I tested out a few theories.  In my heels, I took a good look at myself in the mirror during a quick bathroom break between paperwork.  Of course, I was taller, and that made the illusion of being slimmer.  Stretched out isn’t the correct phrase to use, because I had the same proportions, but I still looked elongated.  Then there is that other mystery: why long legs are so covetted.  But that mystery is a partial answer to the mystery I was studying.  Along with slimming you down somehow, heels give the appearance of longer legs – whcih girls wand guys alike both want, just in different manners (if you’re following me here *wink).

Heels make a girl carry herself differently.  There’s more power in the walk because heels, for whatever reason, tend to make a girl feel more confident.  But even with that added power, there’s also a required agility and grace to carrying one’s self in sky high heels.  With this agility and grace comes the added bonus of being forced to improve your posture.  Any girl knows that you absolutely can not slump, lean, or slouch while standing in heels.  That’s a sure fire way to just topple right over.  Just trust me on this one.

I also noticed by the end of the day that my stomach muscles were tensed.  Not severely, but similar to the tension you get after a good workout.  I thought about it, and it makes perfect sense.  Walking, speed walking, jogging, running – all of these activities involve the core of a person’s body.  Maintaining balance, getting a good stride, it all works the abdominal muscles, especially if a person consiously tenses them and holds them in while participating in the mobile activity.  So the combination of improved posture, walking with power, and tightening the core muscles while trotting around in heels will add to the bonus of strengthening the core.  And not to mention, heels are the best way I’ve ever seen to work calf muscles.  So it’s a health benefit.

Are these the reasons why girls love heels so much?  No.  Girls love heels because they feel pretty in them.  Heels make a dress look dressier or a good pant just fit better.  Girls like to feel fancy, and even Cinderella’s entire life revolved around one damn glass heel.  There is no explanation.  Girls simply just enjoy new things and feeling pretty and fancy.  The end.  And also, a small amount of research can easily disprove my theory that is can be healthy, especially for the back.

Now, with all that being said, I’ve conjured this image that I need to actually correct.  All these points I’ve discussed make me think of a beautiful woman with her hair blowing in the wind wearing expensive clothing and ridiculously gorgeous 6 inch heels demanding the attention of every person she passes as she struts down the street with her fancy and graceful “I’m wearing heels” butt wiggle.  I’m sure that’s how it is for some people.  That’s what I imagine in my head that I would like to look like when I’m walking around in heels.  Like I’m on a runway and all lights and eyes are on me because I have hot shoes on.  However, I know what I look like:

Also, just for your (or my) enjoyment: some other videos of the fancy models biting it.  At least I’m not the only one.

I can’t help it.  These noodle ankles are my perfect cure for any bad mood!


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