Recommending: Burton/Depp Collabs

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I can’t remember the first time I enjoyed Johnny Depp. Oh, his acting abilities, of course 🙂  Probably when 21 Jump Street was still shown on television, as I have a vague recollection of jean jackets, a dangling ear-ring, and his careless finger combed hair…

I do, however, recall my first encounter with Tim Burton: Nightmare Before Christmas.  Despite my being a smart child, the trickery of this title eluded me and I went in expecting a holiday film.  I didn’t get it, it made no sense, and it kind of creeped me out.  But the older I got, the more I figured out what this movie’s true intention was and came to love it and respect it for that same strange, jittery quality that had put me off when I was younger.

But I was also introduced to the great births of every Tim Burton/Johnny Depp collaborations.  I’m pretty damn sure I loved Edward Scissorhands before loving Edward Scissorhands was cool to this younger generation of hipster kids.  Who didn’t love this clueless, lonely man who popped water-beds and trimmed both hedges and housewives with his Swiss army hands?  Yes, this movie was out prior to The Nightmare Before Christmas and was equally creepy in its own respect, but I loved it.  I think it was because it had human characters and not animated ones.  I rarely was a cartoon kind of kid.  But who knew that this movie was just the beginning of a wonderful marriage of genius ideas and genius acting combined to create genius entertainment?

After this was Ed Wood, which I have regretfully not seen to this day.  And after that was Sleepy Hollow.  Here was Johnny Depp, pale and ghostly again, playing Ichabod Crane.  Every time he gagged upon inspecting another body, I lost it.  And Christopher Walken as the Horseman – come on!  Additionally, Christina Ricci looked absolutely stunning in this movie and may be my favorite character she’s played right after Roberta Martin in Now and Then. (I’m such a sucker for that movie!)

Then came Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, and it was to be expected, in my opinion, to have many haters.  The original was so absolutely wonderful, it was hard to think of redoing this story.  However, in perfect Burton/Depp fashion, they made it amazing.  To me, it held the magic and wonder of the original while gracefully working in that typical quirkiness that is to be expected of any Tim Burton project and nearly every character that Johnny Depp portrays.  My favorite parts are the little nuances or quick little quips from Willy Wonka throughout the movie that, should you blink at just the wrong moment, you may miss.  That, to me, is pure genius talent on all those involved.

It took me a while to watch The Corpse Bride.  It was another animation, and while I had found love for The Nightmare Before Christmas, I wasn’t sure if I was ready for another twisted cartoon.  However – surprise, surprise – I loved it.  And Sweeney Todd…Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street was possibly the strangest out of all Burton/Depp collaborations.  I’m not sure why, possibly because of the singing.  But I love a good musical, and combining that with these two guys just amazed me.

Then came Alice in Wonderland, another remake of an insanely popular story and cartoon and a tale that had been used to base many movies and shows from in the past.  Again, I loved it.  And this one also had the added bonus of Helena Bonham Carter.  I think it goes without saying that it doesn’t matter what movie or what character it is, Helena Bonham Carter completely steals the show.  (hint hint: lady crush) I puffy-heart love her.

I just recently had the pleasure of enjoying Dark Shadows, yet another remake from an older television show, or “gothic soap opera” as I’ve read it is classified.  I never watched the original soap opera, so I don’t have a comparison here, but I did quite enjoy the movie and, again, the beautiful strangeness of the characters.  And Helena Bonham Carter as a consistent sloppy hangover was wonderfully reminiscent of the mess that was Marla Singer, only fluffier in vibrant colors instead of stained second-hand prom dresses. (And if you don’t know what I’m referencing here, then I question why you are even reading a post about cinema. The end.)

Obviously, I love non-Tim Burton things that Johnny Depp does, as well, as I really believe he is the best character actor in the business (hello, Jack Sparrow).  But I could “psychology” this post out and say that my love of all things Burton/Depp stems from the fact that I feel as though I could be a character in these movies.  Homely or confused or overly scared or extremely pale or off the wall or down right strange.  Perhaps these things appeal to me because I see these qualities in myself.  Or perhaps I just have love for all things quirky.  Perhaps I love the dark undertones layered with the dry humor.  Or, who knows, perhaps I’m just a groupie…

  1. Finding Neverland was also an excellent movie…..


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