Half Confession / Half My Family’s Version of Quality Time…

In Funny, Personal, Random on November 28, 2012 at 8:08 pm

I’ve seen a lot of posts recently about or making reference to Ke$ha lately.  Allow me to take you, for a moment, on a very strange journey with this post.  I will begin with Ke$ha.  Not just some information on her or making fun of her, but explaining my opinion that she is legitimate and deserves credit.  Strange already, right?  In an unexpected twist, this post will end with a tale of quality time in my family revolving around my dear 70-year-old grandmother making a statement that insinuated a man’s genitals were magical.  It’s like we are in the twilight zone, I know.

First off, I respect Ke$ha quite a bit.  Here is why:

  • She’s pretty in tune with the club crowd.  She makes her music for this crowd that are living this life, which I’m pretty positive she is living, as well.  She’s representing herself in her music.
  • While knowing she’s a part of this ^ crowd and making her music for this ^ crowd, she also pokes fun at it.  She doesn’t take herself or anything too seriously, which shows a good sense of humor and great confidence.
  • She is well aware of how she comes across to people.  She even has a song called “Sleazy.”  She accepts herself and owns it, even the not so pretty facts.
  • She’s not playing off some gimmick like being oh so innocent when everybody knows you’ve slept around with plenty of guys, namely the ones all your songs are about (*ahem* TS).
  • She rocks glitter better than anyone since the 80’s.  That’s probably because she really commits.  There is no “a little glitter here, a little glitter there” for Ke$ha.  She’s rolling in that shit before she steps out.
  • Her songs have catchy beats and funny lyrics.  I have liked every single she’s released so far…for about a week until it’s over played already.

Yes, I took the time to make a list of my reasonings.  I am a pro point maker.  Don’t judge.

I also don’t think she gets enough credit for how cute she can be.  Aside from the crazy outfit (or lack of), she looks genuinely pretty here with a fresh face and no gaudy glitter designs.

So Ke$ha is a wild and inappropriate party girl with not the best singing abilities, limited subject matter, and questionable lyrics, but she knows this.  She’s just having a good time and living her life to the fullest.  I don’t doubt that she could drink any number of grown men under the table and I have a sneaking suspicion that she is extremely smart (I feel that a person has to be smart to play off the stunts she does and to get as famous as she is in the first place).  And I can 100% appreciate that.

In case anyone has missed it, Ke$ha has a new single out called “Die Young” and this song was brought up for discussion by my pre-teen and teenaged cousins during my family’s stay at my house for Thanksgiving.  For those unfamiliar with this song, it has the usual Ke$ha brand of lyrics:

Let’s make the most of the night like we’re gonna die young
Young hearts, out our minds
Runnin like we outta time
Wild childs, lookin’ good
Livin hard just like we should

My grandmother is in the circle of family members, but doesn’t always follow conversations very well.  She apparently filtered back in right about the time the lyrics were in discussion.  Right in time to hear and then repeat in question form probably the worst lyric out of the whole song.  “That magic in your pants, it’s making me blush (for sure).”  My mouth dropped and all I could do was uncomfortable laugh and shake my head.  My grandmother, of course, was oblivious, as she did not understand the meaning or the big deal to this “magic in your pants” statement and demanded an explanation.  Needless to say, the adults were too amused or shocked to give an explanation, the kids pretended not to know how to give an explanation lest they look like they know too much about sex, and my dear grandmother gave up – or just became distracted again.

So thanks, Ke$ha.  Thank you for being who you want to be with no shame – even when you’re tricking old, innocent, Godfearing ladies into being just as filthy as you wanna be.

Keeping it classy

  1. I think you may be underestimating your grandmother’s ability to understand the lyrics and her sense of humour! I think privately your grandmother will have been laughing to herself at the younger generations distress at the question.


    • She did get it eventually. My grandmother has a history of being inappropriate and not realizing it, but then she also has a history of being inappropriate on purpose… 🙂


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  3. Just letting you know that I got your email… And what a great post! I like Kesha too. Well, I havn’t heard any new songs from her… I wil have to take a listen! My favorite so far is we are who we are.


    • Thanks!
      I noticed a trend in my posts that so many of them are about music and I try to branch out, but I listen to music almost constantly every day, so a random song comes on and triggers an idea or something…oh well, I guess! 🙂


      • That is great 🙂 I love Music. All different kinds too. But, I do stay away from any music downgrading women or just vulgar. I don’t enjoy it. People think I’m just talking about Rap. But I’m not. There are really good Rap songs. I just don’t like all that new stuff. My favorite is Gospel music though. It really touches me!


      • I listen to just about everything, too. Lately I’ve been more attracted to the indie-folk-alternative kind of stuff that’s really soft and then this random, really off the wall electronic stuff. My taste is so eclectic, I’ll be listening to something else just as random by next week!


      • I love that though. You know we are constantly changing 🙂 I surprise myself as well 🙂


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  5. This made me chuckle because I could picture my grandma doing the same thing. Although I’m pretty sure one of cousins would have just came right out and told her to increase the shock factor!


    • LOL! I’m surprised the oldest one didn’t, but like I said, the whole family was there and she may have had to answer too many questions about where her knowledge came from 🙂



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