Edit Blunders & Real Pretty Women

In Opinion, Opinion/Personal, Random on November 29, 2012 at 11:19 pm

One of my biggest guilty pleasures are the tabloid headlines and pictures: “So-and-So caught without make up, and guess whose cellulite this is!”

I can’t help it, I eat that shit up like candy!  Then I found some really amazing and addicting things online one day: before and after photoshopped pictures of celebrities.  First off: I love seeing the real, however “unattractive” it may be considered.  We always see the professionally applied make-up and professionally coiffed hair and the designer gowns.  There are whole teams per celebrity to ensure that they look angelic before stepping out, whether it be for a red carpet event or for a photo-op.  But the candid shots of them getting coffee, those are real.  Secondly: I really enjoy seeing the lengths that are taken to make print photos look even more perfect.  You flip through a magazine and see a picture of Kim Kardashian.  Her skin is all caramel and silky looking – mine is pasty pale and blotchy, especially if I’m cold.  Her curves are smooth and her waste is cinched – my hips are uneven and unusually wide-set, jutting out suddenly from below my rib cage.  Her arms are sleek – mine are scrawny and limp.  I can keep going, but I think everyone gets the point by now.  But then I see the comparison picture, the before-photoshop picture.  Her skin, even more caramel-y now, has differences in tone and smoothness over the course of her body.  Her legs are healthy, her curves more pronounced and womanly.  She looks like a very beautiful real person.  Then I go back to the edited picture again, only this time I don’t see the things I saw before.  She still looks amazing, but it looks…affected.  I know it’s not real now, and I don’t like it.  I think about what I would feel like if it was my picture.  How would I feel if I took a picture and thought, “I look pretty good here!”  only to see it an hour later after so-called improvements are made?  I know I would be thinking, “Damn, I didn’t think it was that bad.  I didn’t think I looked that grotesque on my own.”  That idea taints the photoshopped image for me.  It’s also tainted because this is what is forced into people’s minds about beauty, and it shouldn’t be.  The truth, the real – that’s what should be promoted.  For God‘s sake, they did an overall lightening of her skin in the picture here!  That’s just ridiculous to me.

Click to view more!

Nevertheless, the media has a mind of it’s own and will publish and promote whatever they want.  I will just keep my eyes open for the real things that “accidentally” get leaked to websites.  Personally, I believe that somewhere, somehow, an honest person has infiltrated these companies and agencies, an honest person who wants the world to see the real stuff and has made it their mission to show the truth so real people can see that even the celebrities are real, too, and don’t always fit these standards that society has put in place.

Not to mention, in addition to my Girl Power Self Love preaching, seeing the things that are not supposed to be seen or that are the opposite of what society attempts to portray feels a little bit like when I was 7 years old and would turn on my television just loud enough so that I could hear it if I was right in front of it so I could stay up late to watch Ren & Stimpy after my mom went to bed.  I knew I wasn’t supposed to, but it was a rush to do it anyways.  I know this isn’t the picture that people are supposed to be looking at, but I appreciate the real beauty of it more than the airbrushed perfection that actually gets printed in the magazines.

And let’s not forget – I’ve been focusing on what could be considered successful photoshopped pictures.  I haven’t even mentioned the ones that give people three arms or floating hands or physically impossible proportions or bobble heads!  Need more examples?  I gotcha:

No offense – Britney, you my girl – but it looks like they left “cameltoe removal” off the list of alterations to her picture…

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