(Over) Overthinking (Thinking) Things

In Personal, Poetry, Random, Writing on November 29, 2012 at 8:35 pm
This idea and most of the word arrangements came to me today while I was picking up a Polar Pop for my lunch.  (Polar Pops are the biggest, bestest fountain drinks for only $.84 at the gas station down the street from my office.  I have one every day.  I’m pretty sure they put crack in them because I’m positive I’m addicted.)  Anyway, I’m not even sure what this writing is, but for lack of  a better term and/or category, I’ll be labeling this one “Poetry.”  This is basically a representation of what my brain does as soon as I lay down to bed every night.  I suddenly contract ADHD and my anxiety goes through the roof over ridiculous things, such as what could have happened that one time three years ago when somebody fell and hit a window if that window had shattered upon impact. Cool life, brain.  Just chill the *F* out every now and then…
I think I overthink things too much.
I think  I should find a way to stop.
But I don’t know how to.
I know I don’t know because I’ve tried.
It didn’t work.
But maybe there was a reason for that.
Maybe I couldn’t stop thinking things…
Because these things I’ve been thinking needed thought.
Perhaps they are important and, oh no
If I stopped thinking them, they’d just be forgotten.
And now I’m overthinking my overthinking
Of all these things I’ve thunk.
No.  That’s not right.
I’m over thinking overthinking things.
That’s much better.
And now, goodnight!
Copyright © 2012
  1. I tend to overthink when I get upset, and try and analyse a situation, then I get all upset and its all downhill from there. Loved the blog ❤


    • It’s a horrible spiral! This whole thing came to me because I was doing exactly what I wrote about: I was overthinking some event and in my head I kept telling myself “You;re overdoing this, you know.” But then that got me so worked up that I started getting frustrated that I overthink in the first place! 🙂 Our minds are tricksy, for sure…

      But thanks so much for taking the time to read my stuff, and I greatly appreciate the feedback and chatter!



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