So I’m Basically Twitter Famous Now

In Opinion/Personal, Personal, Random on January 14, 2013 at 11:12 pm

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Ok, maybe I’m  not really Twitter famous.  Maybe I’m not even close.  My follower count hasn’t even broke 100 yet.  I say yet because in the last 24 hours alone I’ve gained 8 new followers, so it’s only a matter of time (more than likely years) to get over 100.  I’m not really bothered by this.  Just like in my real life, I never liked being surrounded by fake friends.  I’ve always prefered to have a handful of true friends over two handfuls of acquaintances, so I treat my Twitter feed the same.  I follow people that have interesting things to talk about or that I find entertaining, and I assume people follow me for the same reason.  If I’m not entertained, I don’t follow back – sorry.  I can’t stand the people who follow to get followers, then unfollow them.  If you do that, get over yourself. The end.

Now back to me: I may not have thousands of followers or get retweets in multiples of 10’s like some of these Twitter celebrities do, or like the real celebrities do.  But today I got a couple Twitter notifications that damn near made me pee on myself and made me feel like I would have to kick myself if I didn’t brag about it for just a minute.

First of all, I follow Matt & Kim on Twitter.  I love their music.  It’s all so happy and perky and fun and immediately makes me want to dance.  So when they Tweeted that they were following any person who Tweeted with a hashtag about their new album, Lightning, I jumped on.  Not really because I thought they would follow me.  I figured a million fans would be tweeting about this and there would be no way for these people to follow every single on of them.  But I tweeted anyways.  Maybe they would see that their music always put me in a better mood no matter what.  Artists love that kind of feedback.  To my surprise, not very long after I tweeted, I was notified that Matt & Kim were now following me.  I was so freaking excited.

Then tonight, I had another pleasing notification.  A week and a half ago I had a conversation about Memphis in May with my friendBeale Street Music Festival Logo who I had attended the festival with in 2012.  It was the best festival I have attended and one of my absolute favorite experiences so far in life.  I was following the Beale Street Music Festival on Twitter, and just so happened to tweet one day that I was already stoked for MIM 2013 and planning my attendance regardless of the musical line-up not being announced until probably February.  About an hour ago, I get a notification that the Beale Street Music Festival Twitter account had retweeted my tweet, which resulted in 2 other people who I do not know to favorite it due to their mutual interest in the festival.  A festival retweeted me.

Then came the icing on the cake.  I was watching Bones on Fox, who I also follow on Twitter, when I realized that tonight’s episodes had a cameo by my favorite dancer from season 9 of So You Think You Can Dance, Chehon.  Again, I tweeted about my excitement for him and how much I enjoyed seeing my favorite dancers doing things after their time on SYTYCD.  Now take a guess what happened.  That’s right: Chehon (who I am also following, of course) favorited the tweet.  I seriously gasped, paused Bones, and called my mom.  Why? Because Chehon was also her favorite on the show and because I thought she would be the only person to truly understand why I turned into such a dork over this.  She did understand, of course, and might have turned into an even bigger dork than me.

So maybe I don’t have boatloads of followers that I never even communicate with, but I am being followed by a band that I quite enjoy, I have been retweeted by my favorite multi-genre music fest, and I have been favorited by one of the most talented dancers I’ve ever seen, so I’m doing pretty good!

And here’s a video of how sweet, adorable, and amazing Chehon was on SYTYCD Season 9:


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