Me & Britney-I’m Sorry, I Need A Moment

In Opinion, Opinion/Personal, Personal, Random on January 26, 2013 at 11:13 pm

I admit, I have always been a fan of Britney Spears.  It’s true.  Who didn’t love the cute iconic little school girl in Baby One More Time?  Nobody, that’s who.

Then it came out that she and Justin Timberlake, the “it” boy if there ever was one, were an item from their adorable days on the Mickey Mouse Club together.  All preteen girls hated her for that, but still loved her at the same time.

But as we all are well aware, that young love did not last. Sigh… But by this time, we had been presented uber sexy Britney, and – come on! – everybody just about shit their pants.  She was all grown and sculpted and tan and oiled up.  Her male following had to have tripled during this time.

And who can forget the infamous triple kiss?  The Britney-Madonna-Christina three-way.  Yes, it was slightly awkward.  But it was completely unexpected.  And Britney looked on point, of course.  People went crazy, and either good or bad, everyone was talking about it.  Hello, publicity.  She was on the top of the world.

And we all are familiar with her downfall.  The speed wedding/anullment in Vegas.  The whole mess that was Kevin Federline.  If wife beaters tank tops didn’t already have a bad name, Kevin Federline would have given them one all on his own.

But she had her two boys from this doomed relationship, which is a plus.  Then they split.  And, according to Wikapedia, a close relative passed away early in 2007.  It was the month following this death that one of the most memorable Britney moments occured (sadly) when she shaved her own head.  Then she took to beating cars with unmbrellas.  She lost custody of her children.  I remember hearing that her father stepped in to assist her in making decisions, which is a red flag for me anyways because stage parents are generally not good at thinking of anything other than money.

Her big return was, very simply put, a let down and a major concern.  Her return performance on on the MTV Video Music Awards was literally hard to watch, especially coming from a place of really loving her and hoping for the best and being so excited that she was coming back.  During this time, I was in college studying for my psychology degree, and I felt pain for her suffering through this because it was obviously mental health related and all she really needed was help.

One of my favorite college memories was having Britney dance parties at the home shared by on of my best friends and his boyfriend.  Whether it was a themed party and we were in costume surrounded by 30 people that none of us really knew crammed into the living room or jumping up on countertops in the kitchen, or if it was just our intimate group of about 4-5 VIP‘s at 3 in the morning dancing our butts off in their bedroom, we had Blackout blasted.  Of course, we’ve all gone our separate ways – some still in school, some married, some off living the dream – and rarely get to see each other.  I actually got a text from my friend who recently got married and moved to the northern area of the state requesting that when she finally get to come stay overnight with me for a visit that we have a Britney Dance Party kind of night… So not only did I already have this respect for Britney, but now I also felt for her with an understanding better than before I had studied mental health, and I had so many memories so close to my heart that involved her music.

And, thank God, things continued to get better.  Circus came out, and was good.  She was back in shape.  She was looking healthy and happier.  She went on her latest tour.  Then she was on The X Factor, which I have never watched before due to lack of interest until I heard that she was going to be a judge.  I will admit, it was hard to watch sometimes because I could see how nervous she was.  I read somewhere that she was very concerned about being on the show because she was afraid of people just judging her, and it’s understandable to be so self conscious after the way things were handled in the media when she hit her low point before. (But my concern with the media in general would be a whole other post that I don’t really care to get into right now because it angers me.)

This all brings me to the current time.  I heard that she was making new music and I thought “good for her!”  I always get this instant excitement in my belly when one of my favorite artists or an artist close to my heart is working on something new.  While I have no musical skills of my own, music has always been a big and very important part of my life and my every day.  Now, some might feel I’m sharing too much, but it is important to know that at this current time I am PMS-ing.  My hormones are out of control and I’ve been eating my own weight every hour on the hour.  So I’m in my car earlier today and I forgot my Ipod, which I hate because I can’t stand the radio stations in my town.  But without my Ipod, it is my only choice unless I want to ride in silence.  I’m flipping through stations trying to find something that isn’t overplayed and months old when a very nice dance beat comes on.  I leave the station where it is and listen, trying to figure out if I know the song or who it is.  I start to pull out my phone to Shazam it, but then they start singing.  I’m thinking, “ok, I can handle this.  That voice sounds kind of familiar.  Wait a second…”

I wanna scream and shout and Explainlet it all out
And scream and shout and let it out
We sayin’, “Ohh, wee ohh, wee oh wee oh”
You are now-now rockin’ with Will.I.Am and Britney, bitch

This is why it was important for you to know that I am PMS-ing, because I am blaming that for what occured next.  As soon as it played the little “Britney, bitch” part that was used in her song Gimme More, I damn near came to tears.  I don’t know why.  I think it’s because I’ve been struggling lately with different things in my personal life.  I’ve been stressed to the max with work and life in general.  I have been missing my old friends that I barely even get a chance to talk to anymore.  And all of this just popped into my head at this little two word sound clip.  It’s ridiculous, I know.  Trust me, I have become acutely aware of how ridiculous my emotions are when PMS is in control.  So ridiculous that I felt I needed to put it out there into the world, I suppose.  Maybe I’m hoping somebody else will say, “hey, no worries, me too!”  Or maybe I’ll find some fellow grown as women who still love Britney.  OR maybe I just got super stoked that Britney is making new music.  Maybe it’s all of the above, maybe it’s just that I’m a hot mess right now.  Who knows…but I did find this when I got home:


*All the pictures were just found on Google.

  1. You are so not alone on this one! (or the emotional train wreck that is PMS!) Britney will always be a guilty pleasure of mine, for much the same reasons as your own. I have so many good memories attached to her songs (and a few sad ones). Anyone who grew up listening to her, deep down will always be rooting for her. 🙂


    • I’m so glad somebody else understands where I’m coming from with this! While I was typing it up, I kept thinking how unhinged I sounded, but I also thought it was too random and weird not to share! Lol



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