The 2013 Super Bowl (Non)Performance

In Opinion, Opinion/Personal, Random on February 3, 2013 at 10:11 pm

I’m sure there are going to be millions of super bowl posts popping up for the next few hours.  I’m not much on football, but I am watching it.  My mom has always been a huge fan, so I figured I’d root for one of her favorite teams that happened to make it in: the 49ers.  I gave up rooting for them once I realized how they were playing.  Or not playing…maybe they can still bring it back.

But my real focus was on the half time show.  I knew it was Beyoncé, and I had developed a theory.  The best memories of the halftime shows were the surprises.  They would mash together 2 artists you could never imagine working together and it made something amazing.  Or they would start with one big name ticket, only to bring out 3 more that were similar or related somehow and just make your whole weekend with it.  So my theory was that Justin Timberlake would make an appearance, by the laws of association: Beyoncé is married to Jay-Z, Jay-Z has recently worked with Justin Timberlake, Justin Timberlake is releasing new music, you can see where my mind was going with this.  Not to mention, this kind of happened on February 2nd at the DIRECTV party.  I felt like this was the perfect set up.

Hello, let down.  I will admit I kind of sqee’d when a body popped up and I realized it was Kelly Rowland.  I knew the other was Michelle and that this was a long-awaited reunion performance of Destiny’s Child.  You can’t hate that.  But Kelly and Michelle were only on for a very short time.  I get it that this was the Beyoncé show, but they only did part of 1 Destiny’s Child song.  She then asked them to help her sing her song, Single Ladies.  I’m not sure you could count that as a performance together, though, because their mics were so low that I could barely hear them and they only sang 1 part each before being dismissed by Queen B.

Still, that’s explainable because, again, it was the Beyoncé Show.  And that explanation would work for me if the Beyoncé Show was good enough.  But it wasn’t.  I was bored with the rest of the half time show.  I get it, Beyoncé has great vocal runs, but how about some actual singing?  I get it, Beyoncé is good with choreography, but that only goes so far.  And can it even be considered a real performance if it’s so heavily dependant on special effects and technology?  I feel that a performance should be good if it was just the performer and the vocals with a little dancing and should b enhanced by the extras, not the other way around.  With this performance, the main focus was on the graphic designs and images displayed on the screens under, behind, and around her instead of on her music and singing.  So much so that I find it hard to call this a full performance or show.  Dancing was okay.  Singing was minimal.  Surprises were low.  Controversy was none.  It’s disappointing.

I remember the good old days when the anticipation of the half time show, with all its surprises and opportunities for controversy, was almost as good as the half time show itself.  I remember when MTV was in charge of the halftime show and it was amazing.  I think that was the last real shot MTV had for upholding their music name, too, since they don’t play it on their channel and even the MTV awards shows are lacking in musical focus nowadays.  I was so disappointed tonight, I had to get on Youtube and find some old half time shows that I really did enjoy.  So I decided to write this post and include those Youtube videos, since I figure I’m not the only person who feels this way about the show tonight.  Sit back, click play, and enjoy a real half time show via Michael Jackson, with his amazing performances and heart-felt message, Janet Jackson and her exposed boob, and the unexpected collaboration of Aerosmith, ‘N Sync, and Britney Spears:

These were the ones that stood out in my memory the most, but there were plenty more good ones on Youtube if your hunger for good halftime shows is still demanding more.  And also, as I close this post, there is only a 2 point difference.  Maybe something good will happen from this mess of a super bowl yet…

  1. I agree. While I think Beyonce is a phenomenal performer, this half time show lacked the excitement and punch that I was looking forward to. She is great, she knows she’s great, and she didn’t want to share the stage – fair enough.

    My favorite will still always be the Aerosmith, *NSYNC, Britney mash-up though 🙂


    • Exactly! She is a great performer, her dancing skills are crazy and her voice is one of the best, but I just didn’t feel like this took much effort or any creativity and I found myself bored except for the short time that Kelly and Michelle were there.



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