February Blog Challenge – 4: Super Powers

In Challenges, February 2013 on February 4, 2013 at 2:25 pm

What would my super power be and what would I do with it?

I thought at first I would like to hear people’s thoughts.  I always second guess things and this way I would know if someone was being honest.  But then I thought about it a little more and figured that I would probably get very upset by a lot of things.  Also, I know some of the weird things that go through my head in an hour and I would not want people to hear those things of mine, so I figure I probably don’t want to hear those things of other people either.  So, scratch that.

Courtesy of snorgtees.com

I think I would rather prefer the power of telekinesis, to move objects with my mind.  That’s always the coolest thing you see in movies about people with superpowers. I’m thinking Sarah from The Craft, passing the time in class by twirling her pencil. There were also the TK folks from Looper (which only one character actually had a use for this power aside from picking up chicks because they apparently didn’t take it seriously for whatever crazy reason) and the kids from Chronicle.  Now these last two are examples of how the powers can take control and turn a person into a monster.  That’s what you would have to be careful with.  But for me, personally, I’m thinking more along the lines of how many messes and injuries I could avoid due to my clumsiness if I were able to have my thoughts stop a falling glass instead of a pitiful attempt to catch it with fumbling, useless hands.  Yeah, I could definitely see some improvements for me.  However, this would also feed into my laziness.  I’d probably never get off my couch…oh well.  So, is there a genie or some kind of animal or bug that can bite me to grant this?

Courtesy of Zumiac on Devient Art

  1. THAT is an excellent super-power!!! I hadn’t thought about the never getting off the couch, though. Hmmm…I guess I would need a superpower to make me all kinds of tone and svelte while I sit on the couch…but then, that would mean that I would have to get rid of the moving objects with my mind superpower. What a dilemma 😀 Loved this post.



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