February Blog Challenge – Days 6-17

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Day 6: 10 people I’d have dinner with and the menu

This ones impossible for me, for some reason.  I would say Shakespeare (because I love his writing), Johnny Depp (because he’s nice to look at and seems very interesting in interviews), my grandmother (because she loves special times like a surprise dinner or just getting to hang out and chat with her family), Marilyn Monroe (because I absolutely adore her and she seemed to be very good with conversation, plus I’m sure she had a ridiculous amount of secrets she could share), mu uncle (just because), and the assassinated Kennedy brothers (to see how they feel about our country these days).  I would love to have dinner with someone that lived through the Holocaust.  That’s been something that has interested and astounded me since I did a research paper on it in middle school.  I know that’s only 8, but I really can’t think of anything else original or worthwhile right now.  I would say the menu could be just about any recipe of my grandmother’s because she’s an awesome cook.

Day 7: Favorite photo of me and my best friends

I have several people that I consider my best friends.  They know me just about as well as I know myself and I would probably die without them in my life.  I could post up a hand ful of pictures of me with all of them, but I chose just this one.  Winky on the left here has been a friend for almost 10 years since we danced together on a team in high school.  When I graduated, we kind of lost touch, but she ended up coming to the same college as me and we were basically inseperable.  Ms. Cheesing here on the right was my first college roommate.  It was super awkward to be shoved into a tiny room with a stranger and have to work out everything and share everything, but not in this case.  Somebody was looking out for me the day we got assigned the same dorm room because I could not imagine not having her as one of my dearest friends.  We’ve all moved on with our lives and all live in different towns over an hour away from each other, but when we get together it’s like no time has passed at all and that’s the test of a real friend.

Day 8: Inside my handbag

Well, I’m a horrible pack rat.  I don’t carry a handbag.  I have a clutch with my wallet and chapstick in it that I take into places with me.  Otherwise, it’s in a large floral printed shoulder bag that has ridiculous amounts of things in it.  I have some work related folder and papers. I have probably 7 pens because I’m always afraid I will lose them.  I have a crank flashlight for emergencies that never requires batteries.  I have my glasses, which I always forget to wear.  I have at least 2 pairs of sunglasses because I lose or break them constantly and my eyes are extremely sensitive.  I always have some kind of candy – right now it’s peppermint sticks from Cracker Barrel – because my sugar gets low sometimes and I don’t enjoy passing out.  I have lots of gum because I’m addicted.  I usually have some kind of perfume.  I have a travel toothbrush, just in case of emergencies.  I have lots of receipts and posty notes from grabbing coffee and snacks and jotting things down while out and about.  I basically live out of this bag and it’s a hot mess!

Day 9: The meaning behind my blog name

When I started my blog, the only thing I knew was that I needed an outlet. I had thoughts and opinions and feelings on these random topics and subjects and nothing to do with them.  I had stories that I felt needed to be shared.  I had personal writings, creative writings – just writings – that I had this overwhelming feelings of remorse for.  I felt remorse because a lot of them went unfinished.  I couldn’t find the motivation to finish them because of my second reason for feeling remorseful: they weren’t doing anything.  They were sitting in a folder or in a notebook on a bookshelf in a spare room or covered in junk just collecting dust.  I had no goal in mind when starting my blog other than to just get these things out into the world.  What was the purpose of me writing if no one ever read it?  I knew that I wasn’t going to have a common theme for all my posts.  I knew it wasn’t all going to focus on creative writings, and I am well aware of how I tend to ramble if I am really interested in something.  I actually started with just my username as the name for my blog because I was basically just wandering lost in this blog world for a bit.  I created the current name as the tagline for my blog before I got a little more familiar with how it all works.  When I did an overhaul on the appearance and layout, creating the menus and sections for easier navigation, etc, I decided to make the tagline the actual name.  Pretty darn fitting, I say.

Day 10: A photo of something green

I know this meant a new picture of something green, but with the crazy weather here, there is no green to be found.  So here’s one from last year on St. Patrick’s Day, because I’m super looking forward to that holiday again!


Day 11: Death row meal

I could die perfectly happy knowing that my last meal of Earth would be cheese slaw.  Swiss cheese, chopped onions, chopped banana peppers, all mixed up with a bit of mayonnaise.  It doesn’t sound as amazing as it truly is because it’s so simple, but it is wonderful.  Put it on a cracker and fall in love.  I looked it up on Google and there are some other recipes for it that include green peppers and jalepenos and red cabbage, so change it up, add it whatever you can think of.  I’m sure they are all delicious!

Day 12: Favorite baking recipe

My family Christmas dinner special: the honeybun cake.  I’m not one to strictly follow directions, so I use my own judgements for the brown suger/cinnamon mix and the icing.  This is by far the best dessert I’ve ever eaten.

Day 13: What’s in my make up bag?

I have a small make up bag that I keep my essentials in: foundation, a sponge, powders, blush, a blush brush, mascara, eyeliner, and a red tinted balm.  Then I have a box that unfolds like I’m a magician with expanding drawers and everything.  That has all my specific things that I generally only tap into if I’m going out.  Those are all my shades of red and pink lip sticks, lip glosses, lip liners, a million shades of eye shadow, different kinds of foundations for different coverage levels, eye lash curlers, fake eye lashes, and so on.  I’m a bit of an addict to cosmetics.  But only the cheap ones!

Day 14: A photo of a heart

I know, again, that this should be a new photo that I have taken myself, but I don’t have one and I’m already so behind on this challenge.  So, here’s this instead:


Happy late Valentine’s Day, ladies

Day 15: A movie that made me cry

Seriously?!  Ok, most recently I watched Crazy Stupid Love.  I laughed all the way through until the end, at which point I started bawling.  Probably the movie that made me cry the most would be either Radio, which Cuba Gooding, Jr., or Pay It Forward.  Radio I can watch multiple times.  Pay It Forward, however, I watched fully once and haven’t been able to do it again because I get too emotional.  It’s ridiculous.  But I guess that’s more legitimate than when I was a child.  I loved scary movies and they never bothered me until a dog got killed in one of them and I couldn’t handle it.  I also could never finish the Land Before Time, mostly because I got so upset that my mother turned it off and told me I was never allowed to watch it!

Day 16: Favorite music genre

Alternative.  The weird thing is that there has been a shift in music genres so alternative doesn’t really mean the same thing it meant 5 years ago, but it still encompasses my favorite artists.  I have very eclectic taste, so the fact that alternative can be used to described bands that lean toward screamo rock and the low key indie types that are under the alternative tab on Itunes now is perfect for me because I love it all.

Day 17: An original photo of the city I live in

I got this one!  This is my drive downtown on Main Street to get to my office building at around 8 am.  My city is small, but it offers a lot and I love it.


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  2. I love this! It’s always so interesting to get to know people thru this kind I thing. About mes are interesting but something like this is like a story starter kind of thing, like from grade school.


    • I’d not thought of it that way, but you’re completely right! These are like all the interesting random things that you don’t think to talk about normally.



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