Pinterest Me compared to Real Me

In Random on February 25, 2013 at 6:51 pm

There is no person alive in the world today that doesn’t know about Pinterest.  It’s just not possible.  There are few that know of its existance but choose not to participate.  I was one of them for a short time.  But then I gave in.  I couldn’t help it.  I got sucked in and immediately became one of those mindless Pinteresters, aimlessly scrolling through pins, repinning like mad. Then, as everyone else did or will do at some point, I realized that this was just a fantasy world.  I didn’t have time to somehow hand craft a string of lantern lights out of toilet paper, and if I did I didn’t have anywhere to use them.  But they looked cool, so whatever, right?  I decided to go through my Pinterest boards and see how much of this was actually something I would do or if I was just fooling myself.  Then I decided to share it with all of you, because why not?  I’ve broken it down into different categories:

Category 1: Things that ain’t never gonna happen, but I like to pretend I’m cool like this.

  • Making a retro pin-up style dress out of an old men’s button up shirt.
  • Make string art, either with pins on board or by wrapping it around things such as balls or balloons and letting it harden.
  • Putting lights behind a canvas to create lighted art.
  • Creating my own headboard out of whatever I have available lying around.
  • All the 60 second power exercise plans and strict healthy foods menus.

Category 2: Things that may happen, but it would take something really special.

  • Putting glitter on everything, from wine glasses to Starbucks cups to clothes pins to fake vegetables for decorations.
  • Learning all the different ways to wear a scarf.
  • Any of the baking recipes.

Category 3: Things that I’ll probably try once or twice, but then quickly lose interest in.

  • Making scarves out of old t-shirts.
  • Any of the chicken recipes.

Category 4: Things that I’d love to try, but know full well I wouldn’t be able to actually do.

  • Fancy nail designs, such as drawing things on my nails or creating layered geometric shapes.
  • The super cute up-dos with layered braids or twists or smooth buns or anything really…
  • Any of the fancy looking appetizer recipes.

Category 5: Things I have done, or come close enough to it that I will not put myself through attempting to do it again.

  • Using Elmer’s glue on canvas and painting it a solid color to create textured patterns.  My glue just kept soaking in or spreading out instead of staying thick and solid…
  • Fancy nail polish designs, like glitter tips and marbling.  I looked like a mess.
  • Taking an old painting, putting a quote on it in sticky letters, painting over the whole thing, then removing the sticky letters so the original painting shows through the words.  This one actually turned out pretty cool, and I of course used a Shakespeare quote.

Category 6: Things that are absolutely perfect and require no real energy or any input from me, and therefore are my favorite things.

  • Laughing at the picture of the girl who saved her mom’s life by first slapping her with a piece of pizza.
  • Enjoying pictures of celebrities with funny quotes they’ve said on them.
  • Any picture of a cat.
  • Pinning pictures of cool movie posters.
  • Finding very artsy fartsy pictures with quotes over them.
  • Bucket list items of things I’ve already done, because since I’ve done them I don’t have to exert any further energy to do them again.

I’m not really sure what the point of this post was now…Oh well.  I’ve put my Pinterest lies all on the table.  Anyone else have any to share?  Any projects you’ve tried and been successful at? Or failed miserably and hilariously?

  1. I love how your categories are really close to the actual names of my boards on Pinterest.


  2. Do NOT for the love of God, attempt those damn ballon string balls. I forget what I called them, the devils balls or something of that nature, but I have like 5 posts about making them and how I wanted to kill myself.


  3. HAHAAA!! I LOVE your writing! I am definitely living in a Pinterest fantasy world…I have yet to handcraft a string of lantern lights out of toilet paper 😀

    Loved this post 🙂


  4. Pinterest becomes an OCD once you start pinning…………..


  5. Reblogged this on coolone160 and commented:
    Pinterest !


  6. My pintrest boards give the impression that I have a much more fabulous closet than I really do, travel to fabulous destinations that I have only ever truly seen in my mind, and have a wealth of wisdom to pass on as opposed to far too frequent episodes of saying the wrong thing at the wrong time. I can only hope to live up to the easy recipies that I like rather than actually pin so no one realizes how pathetically inept I truly am 🙂 Great post!



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