1. Your friend is right, you’ll reactivate it again even if it’s for a short time ;-). I see it all the time with some of my FB friends.

    The Facebook team is actually pretty clever to make it so you can only “deactivate” it (I heard you have to contact Facebook directly to have it deleted).

    • Oh really? That is clever…knowing it’s not completely gone is a constant temptation to just reactivate it. I don’t doubt I will, but for right now I’m actually enjoying not wanting to constantly check it. 🙂

  2. I wish I could do it! I just can’t bring myself to…

    • That’s how I was at first. I literally hovered my finger over the “deactivate” button for a minute, put my phone down, picked it back up, hesitated again, and then just went for it. It’s a bit ridiculous, when you think about it. Lol!! But I’m not feeling as freaked out as I thought I would.

  3. I have contemplated doing this very thing myself. I may have to try it when I’m on vacation from work in a few weeks and see how it goes.

  4. i got rid of mine a couple months ago and I actually feel really free from it. If someone has a picture of me that I want a copy of, I have them send it to my phone. If a friend invites me to something, they have to physically ask me to go or at least text me. I think it’s important that we don’t lose our human connection with all this technological blablabla around. I like a handwritten note or a phone call now and then…

    • I am in the process of packing to move and found an old box in the back of my closet full of hand written notes and cards snail-mailed to me from family memebrs when I had moved away from home to go to college. I had to open and read each one, most were from my younger cousins who were 3 and 6 at the time. It was so heartfelt and all this technology has made us lose that bit, for sure…

  5. I would love to too, but I need it to stalk my kids! Or maybe it would be better not to know what they are up to?

  6. Brave soul! Haha, I’ve contemplated doing this, too, but alas, haven’t… er… gotten around to it yet. I think social media has made the socially insecure even more insecure and anxious. They’ve addicted us to their “services.” So good on ya and good luck!

    • I agree! I am most definitely a socially insecure person, but I suppose this goes hand in hand with my mission to push myself outside my comfort zone lately.

  7. I have never maintained a Facebook. Being in my twenties, I was on the generational frontline of social media. And what did I find? That it only added emphasis to those characteristics of humanity I find unsavory: popularity contests, desperation, etc.

    I know that it can rise above these bittersweet expressions of mere humanity. In the end, it’s no more than a tool, and a tool should never be condemned for how it is used. But I guess I’m holding out for a time when the initial novelty of it all wears off and people learn to use it with a less self-absorbed mind set.

    Anywho, now that I have betrayed the eighty year old brain which holds my thoughts ransom, I will merely add that this was a great post and let you know that it is, undoubtedly, always a pleasure to read your thoughts.

    Julien Haller

    • I fought it for quite a while, but I became involved in a campus group while in college that utilized it to organize meetings and events. That’s what initially led to my giving up the battle of not being a social media addict. Thanks for reading and sharing your thoughts!

  8. I had mine deactivated for more than 2 weeks. Now I have more restricted settings, I still need to remove some people from my so called “Friend” list though.

    • Ugh, that’s the worst…to go through and unfriend people. I would do that every 6 months or so and I swear, I didn’t remember friending half the ones I was getting rid of!

  9. Great article! I’ve considered shutting mine down several times but am never brave enough to do it. Maybe some day, maybe soon, maybe inspired by you.
    I’d find ways to fill those holes,
    What extra things are you doing with your extra time?

    • Honestly, nothing. It’s just forced me to pull my face out of my phone so much. I guess maybe I’m just observing my surroundings more. Making more small talk. Or I’m just opening the door for way more awkward social moments lol!

      • So, I get out of that, more interaction with reality and the world around you.
        Fascinting, maybe commune with nature more?
        No matter what, it must feel somewhat liberating to no longer be constrained into your fb app?

      • Right now I don’t even have the urge to want to know what people are posting. It is quite nice. I’m sure I’ll start it back up eventually, but I doubt I’ll ever be very into it anymore. I have realized that it really served me no purpose.

  10. I deactivated a few weeks ago and I totally do not miss it

  11. Are you still deactivate

    • Sadly, no. I have in a reactivated lol.
      However, I have reconnected with some old friends that I haven’t talked to in quite a while since reactivating, so I’m glad I did!


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