It’s been a while…

In Random on July 16, 2013 at 3:00 pm

Once again, I’ve been slacking on my posting. I’ve been very distracted and busy in all aspects of my life recently. But I started thinking yesterday and had this come to mind.

Most of my writing recently has been a lot of self talk, basically. I’ve been through a rough situation and it helped to focus on the positives and try to pep myself up. And yesterday I realized that right now, everything I have is positive and I don’t need to try to convince myself of it anymore.

I was always raised on the notion that if you want good in, you’ve got to put good out. I’ve always believed in that and I’ve always tried to be good and decent to others because of that. But even still, as I sit here in my home relaxing during my vacation from work that I have the opportunity to take, spending time with some amazing people, the soothing rhythm of some pretty awesome original folksy music drifting in from my patio, making plans for the evening with some lovely new friends, I don’t know how I’ve done anything good enough in my entire life to get all the good I have right now at this very moment. While I’m not sure that I deserve this, or if I’ll ever think I deserve this, I feel almost overwhelmed that its been given to me from whatever force the universe is working with. But either way, I have these perfect things falling into my life and I am not wasting a single second of being able to appreciate and enjoy it.

  1. It’s really been quite a while, welcome back.



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