This is Halloween, Part 2

In Non-Fiction, Random, Writing on October 29, 2013 at 1:45 pm

I started off in Part 1 with stories from my grandmother, before I was even thought of.  There is a mini-story of my own experience when I was a child in which I awoke in the middle of the night, tossing in turning in the large bed next to my mother.  In my tossing and turning, I roll over to face my mother and see a figure.  Of course, even as a child I assume it’s my eyes playing tricks on me.  But my eyes focus and the figure doesn’t go away.  It was lighter than the rest of the room, almost glowing, and was standing next to the bed leaning over my mother.  It was a boy, looking very close to my own age of around 6 or 7.  I stared silently and the figure looked from my mother to me.  At this point, I panicked and pulled the blanket over my face.  I sat for a moment and when I lowered the blanket below my eyes again, everything was gone and the room was completely dark.  But that’s a short story with little detail, despite the fact that to this day I can recall specific details about the boy’s face and hair and expression.  The good stories come much later on.  Skip ahead.  Little Kay grows up, graduates high school, and moves away to college.  That’s when things start to get interesting again….

It all started during late night conversations with my roommate.  Many members of her family have an extra sense, if you will.  Her sister gets “feelings” such as being nervous during a car trip and delaying the progress which ultimately resulted in just enough of a delay that they were able to come to a complete stop and avoid a multi-car pile up directly in front of them.  Coincidence, possibly.   Her other sister had a dream one night about a specific person and awoke in the middle of the night panicked.  The following morning, the family was informed that this person had been in a car accident at generally the same time her sister had awoken from the dream about said person.

Ouija Board

Ouija Board (Photo credit: Nathaniel_U)

She, and other family members, also have dreams in which deceased family members provide advice and her grandfather even had a vision of her deceased grandmother holding their child that had passed away and felt the weight of her sitting on the edge of his bed.  Throughout discussing ghostly happenings, we somehow decided to try a Ouija board.  I’d never done it before, it sounded like a fun late night weekend activity.  We got one of the cheap glow in the dark ones from a nearby entertainment store and began to play.

First, there were three of us sitting in the study room in our dorm, door locked, all lights off, Ouija board charged and glowing in the center of the table.  We played for a while but weren’t getting much.  There was a specific spirit, if you will, that generally would give us a couple of words and then begin spelling gibberish, which is what we had been dealing with all night.  We were taking a break, each of us with one hand still on the planchette but not really focusing on the board, when I asked out loud, “I wonder what time it is…”  Slowly, the planchette began to move.  1-0-3-7.  Then it stopped.  MY friend pulled her cell phone out of her pocket to find that it was exactly 10:37 pm.

Another night, we were all playing again in our dorm room.  We were getting real responses, a name, age, etc.  We asked if this person was in the room with us and it said it was.  We asked if we would get some sort of proof if we took a picture and the board said yes.  We took several pictures in a certain area of the room and in 2 of them we captured a fuzzy little white ball floating around.

Again, in the dorm room, we were playing.  The light over my roommates bed had a knob that we kept turned on at all times and just used the actual switch.  I also did not have a cell phone at this point so I used a land line cordless phone.  It was getting late and I needed to make a call.  We stated out loud that we were going to take a break and turn the lights on, but the Ouija board insisted that we do not.  It had also previously told us that we were not alone in the room.  We laughed it off.  I stood from the floor and flipped the switch to turn on the light, but it didn’t work.  I went to the other switch, thinking someone on our floor may have blown a fuse, but the second switch worked fine.  I went back to the light above my roommates bed to find that the knob on the light, which we kept on, was turned to off.  I turned the knob to light up the rest of the room and found the cordless phone, which had been lying right next to my leg the whole time, was in three pieces.  The phone, the back, and the battery were all separated and lying in a straight row on the carpet.  None of us had moved during playing with the board and I had flipped the light off myself with the switch.

Another strange happening was when I took the board to another friend’s dorm room.  There was one person present who stated they did not believe it worked and wanted proof.  Without touching the board, he asked a question in his head, not even out loud.  My friend and I had our fingers on the planchette and it began to move.  It slowly spelled out a phrase that didn’t really make sense to us.  I can’t remember the exact phrase, but it was fragmented and was something about a gun.  The non-believer was quite freaked out and said he didn’t want anything more to do with our Ouija board.  After a few minutes when he calmed down, he shared that the question he asked was what had happened to his mother, which he had shared with no one since coming to college.  His mother, many years ago, had committed suicide by shooting herself.

Lastly, after the Ouija board shenanigans, I was alone in my dorm room one weekend night.  The cordless phone rang and I answered on the second ring, thinking it was a family member.  I said hello but there was no response.  I said hello again and a very loud mechanical static blared in my ear.  I hung up the phone, confused and immediately remembering every scary movie I’d ever seen in which ghosts or a poltergeist take over electronics.  The phone rang again almost immediately.  I picked it up again and said nothing.  It was dead air.  I said hello and was greeted again by the strange noise.  I hung up the phone and was a little worked up at this point.  I’m not sure what I was thinking, but I turned my television off and sat quietly for a moment, then said out loud, “If you’re here, cool.  But I am expecting a phone call and really don’t want a hassle tonight.  Please, leave my phone alone.”  Maybe another coincidence, but I never heard that odd noise or had another issue with my cordless phone again.


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