This is Halloween, Part 3

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Part 1 & Part 2

Now we’ve reached present day.  Yes, I know Halloween was technically yesterday.  However, many places in my state cancelled trick or treating due to inclement weather, and lots of bars and friends are still throwing costume parties this coming weekend, so I think it’s just fine!

So I had my run-ins with Ouija Boards and strange happenings.  You would think one would learn, right?  Apparently not me.  Things like this don’t generally scare me and I find it all very intriguing.  Curiosity killed the cat, they say…

My boyfriend recently moved in with me and brought all his sordid belongings with him, from his plethora of autographed pictures with celebs he rubbed elbows with at horror conventions to tubs of vinyls that we have no room to store to his hand carved satanic Ouija Board.  That’s right, you read correctly.  The story behind this is that is was gifted to him by someone he befriended at a horror convention, and if anyone has ever attended one of those, they do bring in quite the array of characters.  Supposedly, it had been blessed by some priestess of the satanic variety.  I did do a little research on this and found that Nemesis Now, the name carved into the Ouija Board, is company that creates all this kind of stuff.  This particular Ouija Board is no longer offered for sale on their website.   As you can see, it’s all creepy and comes with a lovely little bony monster hand planchette and a warning on the back for “awakening the dead.”

My boyfriend had never attempted to use it before, so with some friends we gave it a go.  It wasn’t very successful, in all honesty, and the glass top didn’t allow for the planchette to slide very well.  Our solutions?  Purchasing another cheap glow in the dark board to quell that desire in him to see a Ouija Board actually work.  While none of our “sessions” ended up being successful, the after effects are still lingering.  Things fall around the house, such as a knife on the kitchen counter, when no one is in the kitchen.  Many mornings when my boyfriend has gotten up to go to work at the ungodly hour of 5 am, the front door has been unlocked, despite the fact that we always lock both the front and patio doors before turning out the lights and heading to bed.  One night, while laying in bed trying to go to sleep, there was a thump in the closet directly across from our bed.  I checked it, but obviously there was nothing there and nothing appeared to be out of place like it had fallen.  Another night, again lying in bed with the apartment completely pitch black, there was a noise from the other room that sounded like glass breaking.  I panicked, thinking someone was attempting to break in through the glass panels in the patio door, and woke up my boyfriend.  We listened for a moment but there was no more noise.  We were both too tired to investigate and chalked it up to wind outside, but the next morning as I was cleaning house, I found a busted glass in my sink.  My dishes hadn’t been done since the day before and the sink is small, so I had a couple of glasses stacked up with a cutting board laying over the top of the sink.  The bottom glass had a large chuck missing from one side, even though nothing had fallen on it or anything.  However, I’m sure there could be explanations for these things.  We forgot to the lock the door once or twice, pipes make noise, whatever.  But the thing that has gotten me the most is that I have a dog now.

I’ve always heard animals can sense things that humans can not, and this is the first time I’ve been around an animal while weird things were happening around me.  It is quite common since the use of the Ouija Boards that my dog will flip out for no reason whatsoever.  She will begin barking or whimpering, often times staring at empty space in the apartment.  Sometimes, while playing with her, she will begin to shake (which she does when she gets nervous, she’s part Chihuahua) and again be staring.  It seems as though she is looking at something, her eyes are trained on a certain spot, but it’s just an empty spot on the wall, or the corner of the kitchen where there is nothing there, or sometimes even the front door even though there has been no knock.   Probably the strangest story occurred, again, as we were preparing to go to bed.  All the lights were out and we were snuggled in, myself, my boyfriend, and the dog all in a row, when – inevitably – I had to go to the bathroom.  I climbed out of bed and walked slowly, as my eyes were still adjusting to the darkness, and almost tripped when I stepped on my dog’s stuffed animal toy in the floor in the middle of our bedroom.  My boyfriend asked me what had happened, so I explained as I kicked it toward the door of the bedroom opposite our bed and continued with my business.  I was just snuggling back into bed when my boyfriend whispers, “That’s weird…”  I asked him what he was talking about and he explained that my dog, who had stayed cuddled up to him while I had gone to the bathroom, and suddenly jerked upright and was looking toward the bedroom door.  To comfort her and attempt to get her to lay still, he reached down to lay his arm on her and felt her toy, the same stuffed animal I’d stepped on and kicked away from the bed, laying perfectly on top of her back.

Dun dun duuuuuuuuunnnnnn…

And for a little fun, and to further invite bad omens on ourselves, here are some pictures of my boyfriend and I dressed up for Halloween as a dead possessed priest and nun 🙂

  1. Great experience. Thank you for sharing this with us


  2. I came across this and somehow even though I told myself to stop after part one, I kept reading. Now its the middle of the night, with everyone asleep, and I’m freaked out.

    On the bright side, these were really well written. I absolutely loved the stories. Though I do wish I had read them with the sun still out. 🙂



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