I’m Still Here, I Swear!!

In Opinion/Personal, Personal, Random on April 21, 2014 at 8:49 pm

I have not disappeared. I did not die. I have not given up writing and sharing my pointless thoughts. I am here, no worries my dears 🙂

So if I haven’t gone anywhere or given up, then what have I been doing with myself? Here are a few key points recently:

1. I’m drowning in paperwork. No joke. My living room is covered in work. I take a long bath at night to give myself a break from typing and reading and summarizing information for 19 different clients. I might be losing my mind from it…

2. Horse races. Keeneland opened this month in Lexington. It’s beautiful, it’s fun, it’s gambling and fancy hats and intoxicated girls struggling to walk the grass in 5 inch heels. Who can miss out on that?! Not me, I’ll tell you that much. I can miss the drunk frat guys peeing on the tires of random nearby cars or the much emptier wallet upon leaving, but with the good comes the bad, you know.

3. I experienced an anniversary. The first one of a new relationship. That’s always interesting, right? We had dinner at the restaurant where we first met (an Irish pub called Shamrocks), then went home and napped on the couch for 3 hours due to sun exhaustion and burns that were the result of #2 up there. Sounds kinda lame, I know, but we enjoyed ourselves and – believe me – I’ve had worse.

Let me just take a second to shove our relationship in everyone’s face now:

 Aren’t we adorable?  Aren’t we the cutest, bestest couple in the whole world?  Aren’t we, aren’t we, aren’t we?!

Couldn’t help myself.  This is what that felt like:

4. I have purple hair now. Finally got the red out and back to my natural color, but that’s too boring for me. The purple is a pain in the ass to maintain but I like it. I use Splat, which isn’t too expensive and can be purchased at stores aside from Hot Topic.  Even Wal-Mart carries it.  It fades to a certain extent pretty quickly, but the remaining lighter color stays for a pretty long time.  I successfully dye my hair myself – along with my ears, neck, hands, and a big portion of my bathroom sink. Good thing it washes off of skin and most surfaces after a couple days…

5. I took a stand against the school system for questionable practices and regulations regarding a family member by mailing letters to the superintendent, assistant superintendent, director of extended school service, and the board of education in general discussing my disappointed in school policies regarding bullying, support for students through counseling, and the lack of focus and planning for extenuating circumstances with a specific student’s education. It’s too long to post too much detail here, but I already plan to make an entire post to call to attention the concerns in school systems. I have yet to hear back from anyone that received my letter.

6. I’ve spent all month preparing for the much anticipated wedding of my 2 dear friends. I’m a bridesmaid and super excited for them. We have now entered the 5 DAY COUNTDOWN!!

7. I started painting a whole lot. Despite not having anywhere to put them or anything to do with them when they were completed. I have random stacks of paintings all over my apartment now…

8. I have binge watched Dexter on Netflix. When the boy gets home from work tonight, we’ll be starting the 8th and final season and I’m already losing my mind over it.

9. Speaking of boyfriend and working, my dude got a new job. A new job that he likes much more than his old one, gets along with most of his coworkers, and makes good money at. Except he works from 2pm – 10:30pm Monday – Friday and some weekends, of which the hours can range from 3pm – midnight to 4pm – 4:30am. That part is not so cool.

10. I was added to a Facebook group for my upcoming 10 year reunion. As if I didn’t already feel old. I mean, I don’t even have dates anymore, I have nap time! I’m 27 pushing 65 and I don’t know what’s worse, that that’s the way I am or that I don’t even mind it – dare I say I sort of enjoy it. Oh well.

So those are just a few things going on for me right now. I also have multiple half finished writings that I have every intention of finishing and posting. Eventually, one day 🙂


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