Dream Chronicles – Home Invasion

In Personal on July 24, 2014 at 11:07 am

                        A History In Review                                     A Lover’s Quarrel

I fell asleep for a nap on my couch.  I was napping lightly, so I was somewhat aware of my surroundings and my eyes would occasionally open for a second before drifting off again.  I think that’s why this dream seemed so creepy to me, because due to my in and out of consciousness, I was fairly confused about what had been real and what wasn’t.

In my dream, it was the same scenario as real life.  I had dozed off on my couch.  I could hear someone moving about in the kitchen, going into the bathroom, coming back out and rummaging through the kitchen again.  My eyes groggily pulled open for a second.  I knew it was too early in the day for my boyfriend to be getting ready for work, but I thought maybe he had just woken up a little early and hadn’t been able to fall back asleep.  Before I could look around the room or search for the noise of the rummaging, I had dozed off again.  What I’m assuming was a few minutes later, I heard more rummaging around.  I could hear and feel the presence of someone walking behind the couch and across the living room toward the patio door.  The door was opened, and again I thought my boyfriend had just woken up early and was checking the weather outside.  I tried very hard to open my eyes but my eyelids were heavy and my vision was blurry when I finally managed it, which made them close immediately again.  I desperately tried to fully wake up, my eyes fluttering, so I could talk to my boyfriend, and through this fluttery blurry vision I recall a shadowy hand waving in front of my face.  Although I saw no details, I felt that it was my boyfriend trying to be quiet so not to wake me, but testing to see how asleep I was or if he would wake me up.  I knew I hadn’t heard the patio door close again and I began to get paranoid, thinking that my dog was going to run out.  This was enough motivation for me to keep my eyes open long enough so not to immediately fall back asleep.

I looked over to the patio door, ready to ask my boyfriend why he wasn’t still in bed and to make sure that our dog was safe in the house, but there was no one there.  The patio door was shut like normal.  My dog was lying next to me on the couch.  I looked into the kitchen, everything was as I had left it after I had lunch.  The bathroom light was off and the door was open.  I could hear my boyfriend’s fan humming on in the bedroom, which he required to be able to sleep.  There was a half second in which I thought he had still gotten up and just hadn’t turned his fan off, but I saw him sleeping soundly when I peeked through the door.  I had a moment of panic in which I thought someone else had been in my house and I did a quick once over the apartment again, but nothing seemed out of order.  I finally calmed myself, realizing that this was just one of those weird, realistic, sort of asleep dream/hallucination things.  I still climbed into bed with my boyfriend, though.  Despite knowing it was a dream, I felt like being next to him would make me safer.

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