To Nip, or No? *Warning – Boobies.

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I’ve been seeing a lot of debate over this whole “free the nipple” craze lately.  Those in support state that women are hypersexualized, that there should be no difference in seeing the male nipple everywhere versus seeing the female nipple. There’s even a new trend on social media in which girls are posting topless photos of themselves with a male nipple photoshopped over their own nipples, which ultimately gives the appearance of wearing a nipple-pasty.

I am inserting the “Read More” tag early in this post, as bewbs are to follow, and not all people wish to see that unprepared. Or at all…

Just doing some flower shopping. No big.

I’m aware that lots of European countries have no qualms over nips, male or female. I personally don’t think I would feel comfortable walking around my regular daily life or plastering up my social media topless. One person who stated this same thing on comments to an internet article was blasted, stating that she was the reason this movement isn’t going as fast as it should be because she is stuck in puritanical thought processes that make her ashamed of her body. Maybe that is the case for some people, but not all. For me, again personally, I feel there are levels of appropriateness not based on society but based on my own preferences. For example: I do not wear bikinis. I will rock a 2 piece sometimes and not have a care in the world, but my tops are of ample fabric (or else I’d be sharing nips whether I wanted to or not, aside from my desire to not have every single step I take ripple through my chest due to lack of support) and my bottoms are generally boy shorts or swim skirts. I prefer that because I like that and I feel comfortable in that. I don’t wear belly shirts to go to the grocery, because that seems impractical to me. I don’t wear booty shorts with my butt cheeks hanging out the bottom to go out to eat. Who wants bare butt cheeks sitting on a public chair? Not me.

I will admit, I fell victim to body shaming and self hate in the past. But I am at a point now where I can feel good about myself when I look in the mirror, fully clothed or not. My level of coverage in my clothing choices has nothing to do with age old thought processes that women’s bodies are dirty things or that I should be embarrassed of myself.  Those things just simply aren’t true.  I choose to present myself physically to others in a modest way because that’s just what I choose.  My body is for my partner and my future children. That is the decision I have made for myself.

This whole free the nipple campaign is, in all honesty, next to impossible. I see nothing wrong with it. If people are comfy being nips out, fine. If America instituted public beaches where clothing is optional like other countries, fine. There’s no denying that America has been overly focused on the female form basically forever. Preferences change across decades, but it’s the same premise.  Males are not subjected to the same scrutiny or idolization.

I saw another conversation on an article online about how women objectify men just the same.  Untrue. In my town, there are 4 strip clubs that I know of off the top of my head (and I know there are more that just aren’t advertised as much), all featuring nude women. There are zero clubs in which nude men are the featured entertainment any time of day, any day of the week. Pick 5 movies and tell me how many nude women are featured, then compare that to how many nude men are featured. You may get man-butt, but it’s very rare that the male sexual body parts are used in film. And as it stands, the general public view boobs as a sexual part of a women, so nip slips would count here.

I fully agree that de-mystifying the female nipple will “desensitize” people, basically make it invoke the same reaction anyone has to seeing a male nipple. However, that will never happen as long as there is such a large culture of promoting this right for women to be viewed in this way. Strip clubs, pornography. Even mainstream movies.  Women are objectified, serving the purpose to be viewed in a sexual manner no matter their position in life.  Most movies with a badass female lead who’s handling business and taking names is usually scantily clad and – somehow – even fight scenes are made to show the female in a sexual light.  Not all! Maybe not even most.  But it definitely happens. 

Ask a man what he likes about a woman, for sexual purposes. Aside from the obvious organ, it will be closely followed by butts and boobs. Its just the way it is.  It’s like they were made solely for the aesthetic pleasure for others, and not to feed babies or anything like that.  The culture breeds this mentality, and therefore I don’t ever see a time when women will not be sexually objectified by the examples I’ve given above or a time when people can have a public nip free-for-all. It’s ingrained in the media culture, and the media culture runs the general public opinion.  Women’s bodies are this fascinating secret that we aren’t supposed to show, but sometimes we do and when we do, a big deal should be made about it by those that witness it.

Media Example: Miley Cyrus is a big supporter of the Free the Nipple campaign.  However, Miley has also made a name for herself the last few years of being outrageous and pushing boundaries.  She is becoming more involved in charity and taking a stand for social issues, but put that..

<–next to this, and it seems almost hypocritical.  Push for women to stop being objectified and viewed as sexual objects, while grinding anything in sight and presenting yourself in all performances as nothing but sex.  This is yet another reason why this whole subject isn’t taken seriously, tying right back into the media effect.  I’m not saying she isn’t really a supporter. I’m not saying she doesn’t have the right to perform the way she wishes and the way that has earned her lots of money.  I am saying that it conflicts and can confuse people regarding this whole battle for women not being hypersexualized and seen as equal to a male.  It’s a never ending cycle…

In all honesty, I could really care less. Men’s opinions will never change and women’s body parts will continue to excite them, therefore social media will continue to view nipple pics as TMI. I mean, in school systems nowadays girls can’t even wear sleeveless shirts – because apparently even the shoulder has become too much for males to handle and girls should not show their bodies like that to distract and entice a male! And should we not even mention the joke that is most sex ed programs in schools?  I remember mine. Bodies shouldn’t be touched, sex is dirty, and you’re dirty if you think otherwise. And what’s worse? Look around on social media at the school age girls.  It’s all cleavage pictures, bikini pictures when they aren’t even near any body of water, videos of twerking and booty popping. Why? Because that is how girls are taught to get attention, be to paid attention to – by using their bodies, by seeming sexually available (even if they really aren’t).

Thanks, Mean Girls, for the most accurate high school sex ed depiction in the entire universe!

Regulations such as these are being approved in schools, while at the same time body acceptance and freedom is being pushed? Somethings not adding up here, guys, and I’m pretty sure this will be equivalent to just running in circles chasing our own tails. Everybody’s in motion, but all the pieces aren’t moving in the same direction, and that’s not going to get anybody anywhere anytime soon. A nip is a nip, but a woman’s breast will inevitably continue to be seen as a sexual trigger unless children are taught to accept themselves, accept each other, respect each other – regardless of sex/gender/etc – and are taught healthy and appropriate information regarding sex.  But even the best, most honest, most equal parents in the world can’t compete with the media’s overall portrayal of women or the sex industry that is so readily available at every teens’ fingertips online. In my opinion, this problem is much bigger than just seeing nipples on Facebook and Instagram…

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