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Recommending: Books of Randomness

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I love reading, and something that’s essential to good reading is having a good story line with good characters.  However, I have discovered a couple of gems that I think everyone should pay attention to for a couple of minutes.  And by that, I mean these books will actually only take a couple of minutes.  There is a clear theme and many different characters.  The plot is not hard to follow at all, the writing is short and simple, and the books as a whole are straight to the point and very entertaining.  I suggest buying one for yourself, buying one as a gift, or at least stop by your local Spencer’s Gifts (that’s where I found it) and taking the 2-3 minutes to read them in the store.

Each page features a different character discussing his or her or its friends.  For example, in All My Friends Are Dead there is a tree with a face stating that all his friends are end tables.  Turn the page and you find an end table with a face stating that he was never friends with that guy.  That’s priceless!  In All My Friends Are Still Dead, there’s an angel complaining because all his friends are, in fact, still alive.  Again, priceless!  Actually, the price for each is around $10 or so.  There are even Youtube videos of people reading these books, but I still recommend reading it for yourself, preferably out loud.  I tend to think things are always funnier out loud.  Kudos, Avery Monsen and Jory John!

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