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Nugget #9: Influenced By Environment

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“You should be corn.  Corn is sexy.”

Never take Halloween costume advice from a drunkie while overlooking a corn field.

Nugget #3: A Throrough Exam

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“No, she was professional.  She did not put her finger in that girl’s butthole.”

This statement originated from a very legitimate topic regarding medical services.  But ended up at this.

I know what you’re thinking…Oh, really? Poop jokes? Is she really going that low?  The answer is yes.  I am professional in my job and serious with my legitimate writings.  Outside of that, I am in no way full grown or lady-like and I’m okay with that, so anyone planning to read these should probably be okay with that, too.

*Forewarning: This will undoubtedly not be the only post about an anus and/or feces.  My friends are very gross.

Nugget #1: I’m Pretty Sure SNL’s Penelope Did

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“You know what would be really cool?  If people could birth animals, like cats and dogs!”

Yeah…and we girls thought birthing a regular baby was damaging enough to the parts.  Imagine something with claws!

The bad part is that this quote is from a female.  Her follow-up statement?  “This wasn’t one of my best moments.  I didn’t think that far into it.”

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