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Recommendations On The Way

In Opinion/Personal, Personal, Random, Recommendations on November 10, 2012 at 4:28 pm

Obviously, I have a fascination with words – combinations, strings, the flow of them, the emotions they can evoke when placed in just the right way.  I think the emotion of it all is why I enjoy anything artistic.

Art, in any form, is breathtaking to me.  I attended an art fair at a local park downtown with booth after booth of local artists selling their wares.  There was abstract art, still life, conceptual pieces, some pieces that were so realistic that I almost swore it was a photograph.  There were sculptures and ceramics.  It was amazing, probably more amazing to me because I have absolutely no skill in anything of that sort.  My brain does not have the capacity to be that creative.  But the emotion of every painting and sculpture was evident to me, no matter whether it was an ethereal painted scene or a dark and dramatic photographed lady or a twisted and garbled wooden creation, that emotion was there.

Dance amazes me.  I used to dance.  I was on a “dance team” in high school, which mostly did jazz style.  In college I took ballroom, which not only fed into my love of music and dance, but also my love of all things vintage.  Most of the dances we focused on were either centuries old, to get an understanding of where our current dance trends originated from, or the popular dances from decades past, such as disco.  Swing was definitely my favorite.  The Latin dances were damn near impossible for me.  Sorry, Shakira, but MY hips DO lie…

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The Hallow-holic

In Personal, Random on October 12, 2012 at 6:29 pm

The first step to recovery is admitting you have a problem, correct? Well, I have a problem. I am too obsessed with Halloween. It’s bad. I attend multiple Halloween events just to be able to dress up more. I love the idea of becoming any character in the world and the creepiness of Halloween time. I start thinking of my costume for next year immediately after my last Halloween celebration.

However, I refuse to buy costumes. I create them myself. Sometimes, I pull from clothing I already own, like when I dressed as a maid for a dinner/murder mystery costume party I co-hosted last year. Sometimes I hit up the Goodwill in search of awesomely tacky items that can be tweaked, such as the furry leopard print dress that I ripped and shredded to be a cave woman. Sometimes I construct the entire thing, from unrolling the fabric myself all the way to wearing the finished garment, like the wispy dress I hand stitched in my pre-sewing machine days to be a siren/ghost/dead thing. Sometimes I do a combo, like when I took one of my old dresses, tweaked it, and sewed a petticoat and ruffles to socks to be a cutesy little baby doll.

Even bigger than my admitted Hallow-holism is my habit of procrastinating.  I may start thinking about my costume super early, but I don’t actually start working on it for quite a while. Example: I have plans the last two weekends of October for Halloween, both requiring a costume, and I am just now cracking down to start looking for the items I will need. One would think that planning for a costume so far in advance would be beneficial even if I didn’t start working on it until last-minute.  And it would be, if I could buckle down.  But all that extra time with pre-planning just gives me more time to change my mind. Which I’ve done. 3-4 times now. Read the rest of this entry »

An Explanation

In Personal on September 12, 2012 at 7:25 pm

As I explained in my “Who, Me?”, I’m newly open about writing and putting myself out there.  So why, after all my years, did I decide to just go for it?  In a recent battle with light-weight insomnia, I threw this little explanation together…

Writing has always interested me. I was gifted with words from a young age. One of my mothers favorite stories to tell is when I definitively declared “This is disgusting” in reference to some food at one year old. Between three and four I taught myself to read with little guidance or trouble. I remember being one of the few children, if not the only one, in my head-start class that could read an entire sentence when the teacher wrote it on the chalkboard. I loved being tasked with creative writing activities in elementary and middle school. This was also when I began to dabble in my own personal short stories in my free time. Read the rest of this entry »

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