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Crosswalks, The Social Forest, & Why Nobody Trusts Squirrels

In Fiction, Funny, Random, Writing on January 23, 2013 at 10:03 pm

I’m not really sure what this writing would even be. It actually started as a ridiculous story that I made up while driving late one night and running on very little sleep. I blamed it on being slap-happy at the time, but then I kind of felt like this was a very weird little goldmine I’d created – especially since I also recently discovered that people often really think that deer only cross where there are signs. Even if you get bored with my little story here, at least skip to the bottom and see what I’ve included. This stuff makes me find myself in this horrible see-saw of being morbidly entertained while struggling to deal with the fact that I’ve lost hope in all humans. Anyways, skim through, read, whatever you like to do, my little creation on the breakdown of the social forest…

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