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Will It, One Day?

In Poetry, Writing on November 27, 2012 at 9:54 pm
I want to be somewhere far away,
But we are too close to say good-bye.
Please tell me what’s the use in even trying
You shower me with sparkling,
Like a thousand tiny moons,
But your touch is what is silver.
How does it still make me move?
I lack the understanding.
I always end up right where I started.
This game of running circles is too intricate for me.
I beg to be let go.
Fractures turn to rips and shreds.
I know I need the time.
I know I’m no good,
Not for filling these empty spaces.
This is not what was once believed.
Promises as empty as stomped hearts,
Left in the wake of one’s shoes and another’s chest.
So can it beat?  Will it, one day?
Copyright © 2012
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