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Conversations With My Boyfriend

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Children say the darnedest things…

Anyone who is a parent or has small children in their family can attest to this.  Bill Cosby did a whole show dedicated to it.  There’s a very entertaining Twitter feed that has been turned into a book called Preschool Gems full of nothing but the out-loud thoughts of young children.  Even my Facebook news feed is full of status updates from parents recapping hilarious scenarios and conversations with their children of either funny things their kids say or things they have to say to their kids that they would’ve never imagined they would be saying.  I enjoy reading these and made a mental note long ago that, should I become a mother one day, I would keep a running log of all the cute, funny, and often times quite wise musings that I will inevitably bear witness to.

But then I realized I didn’t have to wait.  I have been blessed with the companionship of a very high energy and entertaining person.  While he is 30 years old, he is very youthful in both appearance and demeanor.  His sense of humor is larger than he is himself and with his Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder, it is not uncommon to end up in very strange, confusing, and random conversations.  Give him a couple beers, and that scale is multiplied.  I know what you’re probably thinking.  That doesn’t sound like fun.  Where is this going?  What in the hell does this have to do with Bill Cosby or children?

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I’m Easily Entertained and Desperate for Funnies

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I have been on a search lately for things to lift my spirits.  One of the best things ever in the world is to laugh so hard that you cry.  Your stomach hurts, you can’t breathe, your face is red, your mascara smeared, and you love it.  At least I do, anyways.  It’s also supposed to be good for mental and physical health.  So I came across a video called “People Yelling Like Goats Yelling Like People.”  I was super confused, so of course I had to watch it.  Laughed my ass off.  But this led me to even more questions, such as what inspired this video and where are these goats that sound like humans?  And then, by pure chance, my friend shows me a Youtube video that’s basically a goat compilation a couple of days later.  I literally almost fell of her couch and could not catch my breath through the entire video.  I think  it’s always important for people to have a good laugh as often as possible, so I thought I’d share.  If your mind is an off as mine, you’ll find this quite amusing as well.

I don’t know how the people kept straight faces…I’m still laughing.

Then I found this, which I love.  I’m not a big Taylor Swift fan anyways, but man these goats are killing it!

Singing Heart

Poems by Karem Barratt


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