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Recommending: Covers

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Since I already name dropped Melanie Martinez in a post, I thought it was the perfect segway into my first official Recommendations post about covers.  No, I don’t mean blankets or throws or comforters style covers.  I’m talking remakes of popular songs kind of covers.  Sometimes, sticking true to the song is the best way to go, especially if a song is so amazing to begin with.  Sometimes a slight change-up, such as a male singing a song originally done by a female, is the perfect little push in the right direction to take the song from good to great.  And sometimes (and often what has proven to be my favorite kind of cover), a complete re-imagining that is so out of box turns out to be a shining moment.

Although performance shows on television are rarely ever actually legitimate, they do produce some of the best renditions of songs.  Here are a few that have stuck out in my mind (and if you haven’t seen or heard them, click it and it’ll take you to the video):

Melanie Martinez – Toxic, Lindsey Pavao – Say AahColton Dixon – SeptemberDavid Cook – Billie Jean, and possibly my favorite of all time, Phillip Phillips – U Got It Bad

Those are all really different takes on pretty popular songs that ended up working out really, really well.  Then there are the covers that are completely unexpected and off the wall.  I find these very entertaining, and so far the best example I’ve found of these covers are the Punk Goes… albums.  Punk Goes Classic Rock, Punk Goes Pop, Punk Goes Crunk.  Some of these covers are really good, and I personally prefer them over the original.  Check out the covers of Umbrella, Disturbia, and We Found Love.  No offense, Rihanna, but these boys take the cake for me.  Some of them are just hilarious (Say Anything – Got Your Money).  Look into these more on Itunes if they interest you, there are numerous cd’s of different bands covering different songs.

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Recommendations On The Way

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Obviously, I have a fascination with words – combinations, strings, the flow of them, the emotions they can evoke when placed in just the right way.  I think the emotion of it all is why I enjoy anything artistic.

Art, in any form, is breathtaking to me.  I attended an art fair at a local park downtown with booth after booth of local artists selling their wares.  There was abstract art, still life, conceptual pieces, some pieces that were so realistic that I almost swore it was a photograph.  There were sculptures and ceramics.  It was amazing, probably more amazing to me because I have absolutely no skill in anything of that sort.  My brain does not have the capacity to be that creative.  But the emotion of every painting and sculpture was evident to me, no matter whether it was an ethereal painted scene or a dark and dramatic photographed lady or a twisted and garbled wooden creation, that emotion was there.

Dance amazes me.  I used to dance.  I was on a “dance team” in high school, which mostly did jazz style.  In college I took ballroom, which not only fed into my love of music and dance, but also my love of all things vintage.  Most of the dances we focused on were either centuries old, to get an understanding of where our current dance trends originated from, or the popular dances from decades past, such as disco.  Swing was definitely my favorite.  The Latin dances were damn near impossible for me.  Sorry, Shakira, but MY hips DO lie…

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