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Stop Copying Me!

In Random on February 5, 2013 at 11:24 pm

Maybe the most popular sibling phrase aside from “Stop touching me” and “I’m not touching you.”  Annoying – yes.  Illegal – no.  Immoral – maybe.  But what if you’re not a kid anymore?  And what if the copying isn’t your actions or expressions, but your hard work?  Your blood, sweat, and tears, just stolen right out from under you…

So in case everyone hasn’t noticed, I can sometimes obsess.  I am a worry wart and once I get an idea, it can sometimes take over my entire life for a span of time.  This is why I’m lightweight freaking out right now about the safety of my blog.  That’s right, folks: I’m talking about plagiarism.

*cue insidious music*

found on Tumblr

In all seriousness now, I really am having a moment of panic.  I was looking through some other blogs today and saw that one blogger had a Copyright statement in their sidebar.  Before seeing this, I though my simple “Copyright © 2012/13” at the bottom of my original pieces was just fine.  But after seeing this I thought, “Hmm.  Maybe I should make one of those statements, too.”  I decided it couldn’t hurt to add on to my footers.  By this point, however, I couldn’t remember the blog that I’d seen it on.  I decided to Google it and try to find a general copyright statement to put on my blog.  That’s when all hell broke loose…

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