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Giving You the Skinny

In Opinion/Personal, Personal, Random on November 18, 2012 at 5:27 pm

The “skinny” on a situation is defined as full disclosure.  I’m using it for double meanings here.  Get ready for it: here’s another girl post about weight.  First, I’ll address the most literal sense.  Society promotes skinny.  Thin.  Waif.  Somehow, this has become the general idea of beauty in today’s time.  People of a heavier (or healthier, if you will) body type, weight, or shape are not the ideal in our world.  To be beautiful, you have to present your skinny self to the world.

Now, in the less literal sense: the full disclosure of this whole phenomenon is that it’s crap.  Flat out BS.  As if everyone hasn’t already heard this, Marilyn Monroe was a size 12.  She had boobs, she had hips, she had a butt, she had thighs, and she had the eyes of every man.  She owned her body, as did all women back in that time.  And if a woman didn’t have that hourglass figure, the clothes created it with the cinched waists and shaped hips.  Imagine an average sized woman in the 60’s walking into a department store only to find the stick straight, spandex-esque, good-luck-eating-while-you-wear-these, super skinny jeans.

However, does the fact that this is an insane ideal stop girls from trying to achieve it? Of course not.  Teenage girls, while they think and act as if they know everything, are extremely impressionable.  Trust me, I was one once.  And here’s where I will give you the rest of the skinny – about me.  I was one of these girls.  I do not believe that I diagnosable, but I have no doubt that I was teetering on the edge of it.  I am about to do what no proper woman does – I’m going to openly discuss my weight.  Another thing that is often frowned upon is s woman discussing issues with weight management.  Let me start at the beginning.

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