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So this happened…

In Writing on August 15, 2018 at 10:40 pm

Some exciting news for me:

I received an email a couple months ago that I almost wrote off as spam and deleted. Some tiny little voice stopped me, though, and told me to really read it. It was an online publishing company seeking authors for an upcoming anthology they were putting together: Kentucky’s Emerging Authors. They discovered my blog and requested that I submit 5-6 pieces for their review.

I was freaking out. What do I choose? Do I use my real name? How do you write an author bio? How do I even get started? I went through all my old writings, did some reformatting and adjustments to fit the requirements for the submissions, compiled it all into one document to be attached into the online submission form as instructed…and the submission form wouldn’t work.

I took a chance and responded to the email I had received. It had no person’s name, and a part of me thought it was an automated account that would send my reply into the abyss but it was worth a shot. To my surprise, I received an email response – from a real account with a person’s name and everything! I was allowed to submit my entries via email, received an email later with a copy of the manuscript to review for any corrections, and now I am so proud of myself to say that I have a short story published in a fiction anthology!

I don’t get paid for this, but I also maintain all rights to my work. And it’s me, my name, in print, with my words, and being sold on Amazon. Since then, I’ve also submitted some poetry to another anthology that’s in the works, but haven’t heard back on that yet. I also received another email to notify me that one of my non-fiction works I submitted in my first go round has also been chosen for an anthology that will be published some time before Christmas.

I truly never thought this would actually happen for me, it seems such a dream with my 8-5 office life that I could do something real with my overactive imagination. I am so proud of myself for this, and wanted to share to encourage all my fellow writers to just take a chance every now and then. Some may fail, but some of those chances just might be a pretty amazing thing!

For anyone interested, check out Z Publishing House. My works are currently features in the Kentucky’s Emerging Writers Anthology of Fiction and in the pre-order status Emerging Writers Anthology of Non-Fiction. They do books for each state and always have a new project in the works that they accept all submissions for.

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