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Nugget #34: Girl, You Hippo Sexy

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Apparently, in the Madagascar movie, the male hippo is trying to pick up the female hippo and uses some pretty funny lines about her large size.  So we decided to use them inappropriately when we got separated after a long night out full of drinks:

IMG_2423Even worse was when I went on Youtube to see if I could find a clip of the scene where he says these things.  Instead, I found this:

Guess who’s about to be sending this video to a ho on Facebook 🙂

Recommending: Shia Labeouf

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I know my last recommendations post was on movies, but I saw something recently that YET AGAIN make me think twice about this actor and changed my opinion of him, so it’s too hard to pass it up or make this post wait.  But, as I always do, I must start at the beginning…

Two words: Louis Stevens. I don’t know one person close to my age that didn’t love Even Stevens.  If you don’t know what it is, it was your typical Disney show based on a dysfunctional family and the shenanigans they got into.  Shia Labeouf played the younger sibling, Louis, who was always in some kind of war or competition or fight with his older sister Ren.  They couldn’t stand each other, but when it came down to it, they would eventually have each other’s backs.  Shia Lebouf entered the world of entertainment as this goofy kid who actually did slapstick comedy really well (especially compared to most Disney actors these days).

Not gonna lie, even at 26 this makes me giggle.


The first is a scene showing how difficult things can become for a person with a disability, and gives a slight peek into how horrible people can treat others.

The second is a scene that truly shows how horrible people can be.  And also how those horrible people should be treated, in my opinion.

If you can stand it, I did find the entire Tru Confessions movie on Youtube in 5 sections, I think.  It’s not great quality, but if you want to watch something bad enough, you will.

Now we know this kid can actually act.  He does a couple more Disney projects, finishes up Even Stevens, then makes his break into movies not made for television.  He has small (but lovable) parts in I, Robot and Constantine (which has been on the SyFy channel every time I’ve turned my television on lately) and has a part in Bobby (which is also a great movie).  Then comes Disturbia.  It’s a serious movie, a suspenseful thriller with a little action thrown in.  I’m watching, I’m liking, I’m thinking, “Ok, so he can do a little physical stuff, too.”  Then *BAM*, he hits us with Transformers and Eagle Eye.  So this emotion evoking comedian now does action, too?!  What can’t this guy pull off???  I’m almost positive that any person could throw any concept and any scene at him and he could do it in his sleep.  Not to mention he has grown up to be quite the nice looking man.

So what is it that I came across that made me rethink Shia Labeouf again?  After all I’ve seen, what else was there?  Well…there was his full nudie scene in a music video.   I stumbled across the name Sigur Rós.  I’d heard it a few times, seen it around, and when a song randomly came on my Pandora, I became interested.  I looked it up on Youtube.  The music is beautiful and haunting.  Then I see that there is an actual video for this one song, Fjögur píanó.  There’s a warning that the video contains nudity, I’m expecting some boobs here and there since that’s generally all nudity is.  I see Shia Labeouf and the lady, which exposed boobs as expected.  But then it’s full frontal of both of them!  I literally had to pause the video and google it, thinking a man very closey resembling Shia Labeouf had to be this actor, but no – it is truly him throughout the entire video.  After the initial shock (not of seeing Shia Labeouf’s package, but just the fact that a guy’s junk was shown because, seriously, that never happens) I restarted the video from the beginning and watched it all the way through.  Yes, they are naked.  Yes, they are dancing together and holding each other and touching each other.  But I never found it to be sexual. The video, the music – it was beauty.  It was art.  It was breathtaking.  I am not an overly emotional person, but by the end I had tears in my eyes.

If you don’t like naked bodies, this isn’t the video for you…

So now he’s done it.  Yet again, this guy has amazed me.  He has danced and acted without even using one word, and made me catch my breath at how good it is.  I get it that lots of people think he is a d-bag.  I don’t know anything about his personal life.  All I know is that he continues to impress on-screen.  So basically, I will watch anything this guy is in – forever.  And I think all of you should, too.

I Couldn’t Say It Better Myself – A Few Good Quotes

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I’m about to tap into my 14 year old self.  My bedroom at my mother’s house used to be plastered wall to wall with posters of boy bands, but the relevent piece here was the one section of wall right above my bed between the window overlooking the driveway and the other wall that I had spent much timme decorating with words.  Cutesy stationary with quotes and hand drawn pictures, typed little love poems with lots of “~*~” decorations and cut with patterened edges.

I may have stated this in a previous post, but I’ve always had this fascination with words.  Lyrics, poems, random sentences that stand out to me.  So I thought I’d take a second to share with the blog world some of these that have stuck with me or that I’ve hung on to.  Some have meaning to me, some just feel or sound pretty when spoken or read.  I can’t put my finger on why some of them grab me the way they do, but I think that’s part of the beauty of it…

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Fake face, fake eyes, fake stories
Utter and unexplainable contentment.
I am loved too much to be so easily forgotten
Unless love is fake, too.
A friendship lost, a friendship gained
A disguise not so clever in the eyes of the others.
What a good job you think you’ve done, but you reek.
Of lies, of stupidity, of the mess you’ve made.
But most of all
you reek of yourself.
Copyright © 2012

Nugget #33: The Troubles With English, as a 1st Language

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“So, then her dad attracts pacreatis cancer.”
If anyone watches Raising Hope, then you’ll know how Virginia Chance (the mom) always makes up words or uses words in the completely wrong way.  So does my dear friend.

Nugget #32: Lyric Text War Conclusion

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Back to the battle, pulling out all the stops:

And this concludes the Lyric Text War of 2012.  A truce was called, both parties being thoroughly entertained.

Basically, we both got distracted and moved on to other wars.

I’m Bursting At The Seams!

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Bursting.  And not because I’m so full.

Okay, maybe because I’m so full.  I had a Christmas potluck at my office for lunch, a Christmas dinner with clients after work, and just finished off my potluck taco dip leftovers.  I’m so full that my robe is almost too constricting…

But mostly I’m bursting at the seams from responsibility and demand.  Picture a stuffed animal, filled with the tiny little bead things.  This animal is dangled between three children, each grabbing a limb.  They all want it, so they are all pulling, but instead of one child overpowering the other two, they all pull just as hard and the limbs pop off.  The beads fly everywhere and the empty sack that once was an dog’s body is frayed and lifeless.  This is going to be me.  I am going to be the bead-less, droopy, dog sack body when I explode.

My work is short-staffed.  People transferring or getting new/better jobs leaves only 4 of us to handle a department made for 7.  I received more clients today, giving me a total that is around 7 more than I should have to semi-comfortably and efficiently do my job for them.  The holiday season puts us behind on the paperwork aspect of our job anyways, but with a growing caseload comes growing piles of paperwork, and therefore I’m double behind.

My whole department is double behind, but I super stress about this kind of thing.  I stress more than I should, and I’m aware of this, but as of yet I have not found a successful method to stop myself from super stressing or a very effective way to de-stress once I’ve reached that point.  My only option is to literally break down for a couple of days.  This breakdown consists of unexpected and unprovoked tears, anger, and/or sadness.  It’s like PMS times a 100.  The really bad part is that I am fully aware of how insane I am behaving while I am doing it, but there’s not stopping it.  In a really bad case, I become physically ill.  Sometimes this presents itself almost like depression: I am constantly exhausted and sleep any free minute I get, if I can actually fall asleep since I will usually end up just laying in bed at night until the wee hours of the morning.  I lose my appetite and become nauseous on a regular basis.  This results in my immune system crashing, so I begin catching bugs and viruses.  It’s an ugly downward spiral.

Now, I tell you all this because I am well on my way there.  I can feel the impending doom of sleepless nights, zombie days, empty stomachs, and waterworks over nothing.  In addition to this, I won’t have much time to post like I was.  I was doing really well about having at least one post a day, which I think is very important for a good blog/blogger.  However, since I’ve already working 50+ hour weeks to try to catch up and keep my head above water, I have been finding it very hard to find the time to sit down and write anything.  In addition to that, by the time I get done reading, writing, typing, computering, phone calling, etc. at work for 9 or more straight hours, another computer screen is basically the last thing I want to see for a little while.

I have a feeling that this will also feed into my stress, as I want to continue posting daily.  I want to work on my writings so I can get more originals posted.  These things have become extremely important to me as I have continued to work on it and open myself up more to the idea that I may be on to something with this writing thing.  I also want my blog to do well, and I’m paranoid that missing days of posting due to my crazy schedule for the time being will cause the few followers I have attracted to lose interest.  So I write this now as yet another attempt to de-stress by venting for a minute, and also to give everyone a heads up about what will likely become of my blog for a short period while I handle things with my paying job and personal life.  I truly appreciate the few of you who do read, like, and/or comment on my things and I’d hate for my stress levels to turn you away.  If I do get into this rut, just keep the faith.  I will bounce back, as I always do, and so will my blog posts. 🙂

Are my ears really old, or should we all be concerned?

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I have very eclectic taste.  My Ipod is so full of randomness, it’s ridiculous.  It’s a surprise what decade will shuffle on, let alone what genre.  I do have my favorites, though, across the wide range of all musics of all times.  Led Zeppelin‘s “Stairway to Heaven” is agreeably one of the most amazing songs I will ever hear until the day I die.  Most people enjoy it for the level of guitar skills.  I enjoy everything.  The guitar: sick.  The vocals: sick.  The lyrics: double sick.  It’s eerie and slow and then suddenly fast and kicking your ass.  It’s perfection.  It’s not even a song; that thing is a work of art and an eargasm.

Any Def Leppard is also perfection to me.  Thsi is probably because I was raised on it.  They were my mom’s favorite band and were plastered on our television from the time I was born – you know, back when music television actually played music. (I’m looking at you, MTV and VH1.  We are all very disappointed in you.)  By the time I was using full sentences, I could tell you that the band was Def Leppard, the name of the song, and whether the drummer had one arm or two when the song was made just by hearing it.  I don’t think I will ever accomplish anything else in life that will make my mother any more proud.  Unless I figured out how to magicly give birth to a unicorn with a British accent that laid eggs full of $100 bills – that would probably top everything.

The Everly Brothers, a little bit of Elvis, Chantilly Lace by the Big Bopper,  The Beatles (good God, The Beatles!), Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons….Heart’s Magic Man, Alone, and Never…

Beethoven’s Piano Sonata #14 (Moonlight Sonata) gives me chills every time and makes me want to cry and hold my breath and do a dramatic ballroom dance routine all at the same time.  Für Elise, as well.

All of these are amazing and inspirational and memorable.  These people and these bands are immortalized for their contributions to the arts and to the music world.  But notice how all these that I’ve named are prior to or just barely a part of my generation.  That’s the scary part for me.  Don’t get me wrong, I do enjoy quite a bit of current music, but how much longer will To the left, to the left, to the left, to the left.  To the right, to the right, to the right, to the right be done?  In 3o years will people my age be saying that the song ‘Clique’ changed their life or changed their view of art, or even held real meaning to them?  Frankly, that song just makes me want to immediately *click* to a different station.

‘Beauty and a Beat’ by Justin Bieber and Nicki Minaj is currently #9 on the Billboard Top 100.  NUMBER NINE!  And part of the lyrics are “Buns out, weiner,” which is then rhymed with “Selener.”   Nicki, come on, that’s not even a real word.

I imagine she’d make a face kind of like this in response to critique…

Then I come across something even worse.  A “song” called ‘Swimming Pools‘ by Kendrick Lamar.  It’s a rap about drinking – how original, right?  And it gives some typically amazing rap song advice:

I’mma show you how to turn it up a notch
First you get a swimming pool full of liquor then you dive in it
Pool full of liquor then you dive in it

I wave a few bottles then I watch em all flock
All the girls wanna play Baywatch
I got a swimming pool full of liquor and they dive in it
Pool full of liquor I’mma dive in it

Riiiiiiiiiiight.  That seems “legitimate” and as if it took a whole lot of “talent.”

Another great example is an ad I recently saw on Youtube before the real song I was attempting to listen to, who’s chorus is just “Who booty is it?  Who booty is it?  Who booty?  Who booty?  Who booty is it?”  Are you kidding me?!  Who is deciding what to consider music these days?!

Then I started thinking.  What if this is the good music now?  What if…my old music soul is just taking over my ears?  Then I thought again.  And I realized that I don’t care if I have old ears.  I will take my old soul and old ears and old good classic music over being relevent any day.  And in addition to that, I will stay relevent according to the artists, bands, and music that continue to be of real talent with something new and something to contribute, and I’m definitely okay with that, too.

Nugget #31: Falling Apart

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“I should not, in my adult life, have to carry around my tooth wrapped in a napkin in my purse.  TWICE!”

Dental work…it’s the pits.

Nugget #30: Friends Don’t Let Friends Drink Alone

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Now we’ve decided to take memes and personalize them. This one hit the nail right on the head.


Singing Heart

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